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From The President

Well, November is now halfway through, and we have seen a lot transpire in the world. I am going to ask that each of you remember to pray to your greater being for this world. We see conflict and strife, along with dissension, breaking out in the world and here at home. Search out the truth, and stay true to the truth of democracy. The world needs our prayers.

Many of us have ended our camping year. This is always a tough time when we must place the RV into winter storage. It always feels like a letdown, a little disappointing. I hope that you and your camping family are planning things together during the winter months. I ask that you share ideas and things to do with fellow chapters. It is always good to have new ideas of things to do and places to go during the winter months as a chapter. Do you have any unique things your chapter does during the winter?  Share them on the Public Facebook Page and build a strong camping family by sharing your ideas and activities with others.

As we move into the future, you will see many changes in the Office as we are now Virtual with the office streamlining FCRV. I know that it will take some of you a little time to get used to those changes, but, overall, it will make the organization better and stronger in the future. Carl is now full time maintaining the website and virtual office. Patty will be our new Membership Ambassador; she will be contacting new members, as well as working with Regional, Provincial, and State Directors, seeing that new members do not fall through the cracks and welcoming them to the family. She will also be returning member calls and answering members’ questions. Patty’s work will continue in a supporting role to the Trustees as she has done over the years and is so good at. I think we have a very strong platform for FCRV to move into the future.

Changes at the National Office

As of November 7, 2023 Family Campers ceased renting office space. Our employees are now working from each of their home offices. Please continue to use the Depew NY mailing address as it is being forwarded until final discussions about an official address are completed. The main phone number remains (716) 668-6242, which will be answered by Carl. A second number (716) 327-5748 will be answered by Pat. The office email continues as [email protected]. Please continue to use 4804 Transit Road, Depew, NY 14043 mailing address as mail is being forwarded until final discussions about an official address are completed. 

The International Office has been reorganized to better utilize the talents and strengths of our paid employees. Pat’s new title is Membership Ambassador. Her communications abilities will be tapped as she reaches out to new members. She will also be nudging state/provincial and regional directors to make contacts with their new members in addition to her communications. These contacts are vital to the retention of memberships. Pat will also be putting her thinking cap on to propose new programs and revitalize old programs for membership recruitment and retention. The Ambassador Program will also be updated and revitalized under her direction. Pat will be working Tuesday – Thursday. All directors and field staff are strongly encouraged to call Pat to discuss membership concerns in their areas and suggest ideas to remedy problem areas. Together we will return to the personal contacts and friendships that have made FCRV “The Friendliest People in the World”.

Carl’s new title is Administrator. As such he will be handling data entry, managing our website and social media platforms, recommending and implementing marketing and promotional strategies. Carl will be supporting the commercial, promotion, and marketing team to provide promised benefits and services. Carl is working diligently and will continue to work toward getting Family Campers into the digital environment successfully. Carl will be working Monday – Friday..

Both Pat and Carl will continue to support the Trustees in all aspects of operations for Family Campers. They are available for questions and to help where needed. Pat and Carl will be part of the team for Campvention 2024, which will be held at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds in Frankfort, NY. Look for them there. – They’ll be glad to talk with you!

These changes in duties and responsibilities go along with our continued growth into the electronic age, while maintaining the personal touch in the Family Campers style. 

Election of Officers – November 15th Deadline

Election of Officers
Jeff Kendle, – Chairperson Nominating Committee

ALL members: Here is your opportunity to serve FCRV. Become an FCRV officer!

Nominations are being accepted for the upcoming election in 2024. The positions include, President, Vice President of Programs and the Recording/Corresponding Officer. These Trustees will govern the operations of Family Campers & RVers (FCRV) for the 2024/2026 term of office.

Any FCRV member, in good standing, is eligible for nomination consideration. Please contact your respective State/Provincial Directors if you have the desire to serve in any of these positions.

Don’t hesitate, the time is drawing near.

FCRV Financial Report

July 1. 2022 – June 30,2023
Checking-Office Account $0.00
Checking-Operating Account $9,924.00
Campvention 2023 $13,157.00
Money Market $3,938.00
Franklin Income Cl A1 $89,212.00
Lord Abbett Bond Debenture Cl A $90,284.00
Lord Abbett Income Cl A $53,514.00
Un-Deposited Funds $35.00
Campvention Advance $1,025.00
Pre-Paid Liability Insurance $10,176.00
Deposit – Office Rent $510.00
Deposit – United Parcel. $400.00
Inventory Insignia $13,925.00
Inventory Merchandise $4,271.00
Suspense-Exchange $190.00
TOTAL ASSETS $290,561.00
Campvention Registration 2023 $13,157
Due to Scholarship Fund $1,154
Due to Wildlife/Conservation $170
North Dakota Funds $1,765
Band Fund $1,027
Veterans Memorial Fund $797
Teen Fund $821
Overpayments $52
Direct Deposit Payable $854
Federal Taxes $1,133
NY Personal Leave Policy $911
NYS Employment Taxes $231
NYS Income Tax $654
Fund Balance $321,343.00
Retained Earnings -$63,150.00
Opening Bal Equity -$815.00
Unrealized Gain/Loss Investment $38,524.00
Net Income -$28,067.00
TOTAL EQUITY $267,835.00

Welcome New Members

Family Campers & RVers would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest members:

Carol Ann VanNatten NY Returning former member
Kendall Wilson Ann Wilson IL Referred by Dave Wilson
Eddie Hudson Libby Hudson NC Referred by Tommy Curlee
Giacomo Pensa Margaret Pensa NY Saw FCRV on Facebook
Kim Bell IL Referred by Shannon Munns
Paul Schlup Jane Schlup IN Referred by Ron Cohee
Richard Cramer Cathy Cramer IN Referred by unspecified member
Tom Truby Julia Truby MO Referred by Standifords
Art Ruebel Kathy Ruebel MO Referred by Standifords
David Fisher Carol Fisher MO Referred by Standifords
Mike Kremer Karen Kremer MO Referred by Standifords
James Burgess Michelle Burgess NC Reffered by Larry Stone
Ron Fowler Suzie Fowler IN Online social media
Jonathan Stites Alexis Stites TX Looked up on Google

Retiree Rally 2024 – Mineola, Texas

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Retiree Rally Registration Info
By Joanne Rich & Millie Pauwels, Registration Chairs

The Registration Chair & Co-Chair are asking that info on the registration form be printed, especially email addresses! Also, please volunteer on the ‘We would like to volunteer’ line. Thank you.

Mineola Texas Retiree Rally
By Karen And George Reynolds, Rally Coordinators

Planning is underway and many of the details are coming together because the rally will be a great opportunity for the attendees to enjoy the rally even better by volunteering to assist our chair’s to provide specific tasks to meld the rally together. Please consider the opportunity.

Positions to volunteer for: registration, arts and crafts, book exchange, C.A.M.P. Exercise, door prizes, flea market, mail and information, assist parking, pet parade, red hat luncheon, hard hat luncheon, security, food bank and lap robes, games, locator board.

All the various positions have chairs that will make the advance and on site arrangements but they need people to assist, maybe just for an hour or half a day.

Send us your selection and we’ll pass it to our chair and thank you in advance! Contact us via [email protected]

Just horsing around no stables to clean this trip but giddy up and go

FCRV International Retiree King & Queen
By LaNelle & Leon Ishmael, King & Queen Coordinators

Tick tock, tick tock. Time is running out. Don’t miss your chance to possibly be our next FCRV International Retiree King and Queen. Please don’t let this tradition die. Deadline to get your application in is Jan. 1, 2024.

You do not have to be nominated by a retiree chapter. The nomination can come from your provincial or state organization.

The next step would be to contact us for an application form and information covering the do’s and don’ts of your campaign. Prepare a letter of introduction, telling us about yourselves and your involvement with FCRV that will be read at the rally.

You will want to have your state or province help you host a hospitality. The only requirement of the couple elected is to return the following year to relinquish the crowns barring unforeseen circumstances.

Ask any of our previous royal couples, and they will tell you how much fun they had with their campaigning. Come make new friends.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
[email protected]
[email protected]

Games in Mineloa
By Shari & Craig Weber & Joan & John Jordan, Games Co-Chairs

Giddy up! Gallop into Mineola and ‘horse around’ playing games at the rally. There will be several table games at the rally in addition to outdoor games. We try to make sure all games can be enjoyed in a reasonable amount of time. Continue watching Camping Today for more information.

Those table games you have come to enjoy will be played. This month we are featuring 5 Crowns. This game is played with a special double deck of cards. The deck has 5 suits, but no aces or 2s. It is a rummy-style game where you make runs and sets. The game begins with a deal of 3 cards and progresses to 13 cards when the Kings go Wild! The number of cards dealt indicates the wild card of the round in addition to the jokers included in the deck.

Cornhole is a game enjoyed by many. This game is played with two slanted boards with a single hole. Each player throws 4 bags (filled with corn, thus the name). Points are scored by having the bag stay on the board (1 point) or going in the hole (3 points). We play 10 rounds and accumulate our score. Since the retirees do not have boards, we ask that you bring boards; we will need several sets. The only way we can play is with your help in assuring we have boards. If the boards are out at your site, you just might get drop-in players.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to reach out to us. Webers at [email protected]  and Jordans at [email protected] .

Visit Nacogdoches While in Texas
By Barb Turner, Publicity Chair

Texas in March! The 2024 FCRV Retiree Rally will be in Texas at the end of March! FCRVers, are you planning your trip? Perhaps you’ll be in south Texas and will travel to Mineola, site of the 52nd rally, or you’ll be traveling from various other parts. Nacogdoches, the oldest town in Texas, would be an interesting place to visit when you’re in Texas, either prior to or after the rally.

Nacogdoches (NAK-ə-DOH-chiss), located in East Texas, was founded in 1779 as a Spanish mission, Misión Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, by Don Antonio Gil Y’Barbo, “to prevent Anglos from the United States from flooding Texas. The Mexican Government passed colonization laws and granted impresario grants to individuals to settle families in Texas.” From https://nedco.org/about-nacogdoches, “Our name is long, but memorable. Known as ‘The Pineywoods’, you might have heard our name once before in a Josh Abbott Band lyric, ‘Her eyes are green like the trees in Nacogdoches.’ Or perhaps you have heard of our Hometown Hero, Clint Dempsey, and the Captain of the U.S. Soccer team during the 2014 World Cup.”

But, there is evidence that the settlement dates back 10,000 years! “It is near or on the site of Nevantin, the primary village of the Nacogdoches tribe of Caddo Indians.” Evidence suggests that a local Caddo tribe called the Nacogdoche later went to East Texas around 800 A.D. “The Caddos are considered to be travelers and traders, and they built log cabins and burial mounds between the Banita and Lanana Creeks.” Who were the Caddos? “The Caddos are descended from the prehistoric Fourche Maline and Mossy Grove people who settled this area between 200 BCE to 800 BCE. They were the most advanced Native American culture in Texas. They lived in tall, grass-covered houses in large settlements with highly structured social, religious and political systems. The Caddos raised corn, beans, squash and other crops.” Is the Caddo Tribe still around? Yes! The Caddo Nation of Oklahoma is a federally recognized tribe with its capital at Binger, Oklahoma with nearly 5,000 enrolled members of the nation.

According to Wikipedia, “Nacogdoches has been under more flags than the state of Texas, claiming nine flags. In addition to the Six Flags of Texas, it also flew under the flags of the Magee-Gutierrez Republic, the Long Republic, and the Fredonian Rebellion. People from the United States began moving to settle in Nacogdoches in 1820 and Texas’ first English-language newspaper was published there. However, the first newspaper published (in the 1700s) was in Spanish. An edition of the newspaper (in Spanish) is preserved and shown at the local museum.

“In 1832, the Battle of Nacogdoches brought many local settlers together, as they united in their stand to support a federalist form of government. Their successful venture drove the Mexican military from East Texas.

“Thomas Jefferson Rusk was one of the most prominent early Nacogdoche Anglo settlers. A veteran of the Texas Revolution, hero of San Jacinto, he signed the Texas Declaration of Independence and was secretary of war during the Republic of Texas. He was president of the Texas Statehood Commission and served as one of the first two Texas U.S. Senators along with Sam Houston. He worked to establish Nacogdoches University, which operated from 1845 to 1895. The Old Nacogdoches University Building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1971.

“Sam Houston lived in Nacogdoches for four years prior to the Texas Revolution (1836) and opened a law office downtown. He courted Anna Raguet, daughter of one of the leading citizens, but Anna rejected him after finding that he was not divorced from his first wife Eliza Allen of Tennessee.”

As you can read, Nacogdoches has had an interesting history. But, as a tourist, what might attract you to stopping in Nacogdoches when you’re in Texas in March? Check out https://www.visitnacogdoches.org/things-to-do/ . The following are just a few of the things to do, perhaps just enough to ‘whet your appetite’ and place Nacogdoches on your ‘to-do list’!

Caddo Mounds: 1649 State Hwy 21W, Alto, TX 75925. The park offers exhibits and a .7-mile interpretive trail through its reconstructed sites of Caddo dwellings and ceremonial areas, including two temple mounds, a burial mound, and a village area.

Durst Taylor House and Gardens: 304 North Street. Durst-Taylor Historic House and Gardens is an 1830s wood-frame house interpreted to the 1840 to 1860 time period when the Blackburn family lived there. The house is the second oldest structure still standing on its original site in Nacogdoches. Visitors will start their tour at the Visitors Center and then will be guided through the house and grounds. The grounds include a blacksmith shop, smokehouse and historic gardens.

Fortney Home: 310 N. Mound St. Fortney Home defies description. Some say it is the most “fun shopping experience” they’ve ever had. Antiques, oddities, unusual fine furniture, Western decor, worldly relics, architectural treasures, contemporary art, gift items, whimsical items and outdoor sculptures. It’s more than a store; it’s a spectacle. Previously a landmark in Austin, Fortney Home is now located in a historic Victorian home just a few blocks north of Main.

Historic Town Center, 200 E. Main Street, Nacogdoches. The Historic Town Center, also known as the Charles Bright Visitor Center, is home to the Nacogdoches Convention & Visitors Bureau, located in the heart of historic downtown. Here you will find some wonderful information about the history and legends of Texas’ oldest town – from stories of early settlers to historical artifacts. This is an excellent place to start your tour of Nacogdoches.

Foretravel Motorcoach, 1221 NW Stallings Dr, Nacogdoches. Nacogdoches is the home of Foretravel Motorcoach. Foretravel has been the RV industry’s premier luxury motorcoach manufacturer since its beginning in 1967. Several years ago, we had the opportunity to tour the factory as the guests of the head of the Foretravel Motorcade Club. He was a former Ohio NCHAer. We met him at the Louisville RVIA Show. He told us when we get to Texas he’d arrange for us to stay in the camping area and tour the factory. We took him up on his offer. We were impressed, knowing we’d never be able to afford one. Construction and innovations were top-notch. As a side note, after meeting Gordon in Louisville, he tried to get us to work for the Foretravel Motorcade Club with the idea of taking his place running it. Jim was FCRV national president at the time. We didn’t feel we could leave that and be on-the-road for the amount of time required. The big perk was using a Foretravel motorcoach! Our lives would have been different had we accepted, that’s for sure. We are glad we didn’t make that choice, by the way. Tour the factory via YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcUCCs73i5w. Website link: http://www.foretravel.com/

As a final note for this article, are you registered for the 52nd FCRV International Retiree Rally? If not, please do so! See you in Mineola at the end of March!

Nacogdoches – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1xJz30HD4A Nacogdoches – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6clmR-8c1U The Battle of Nacogdoches – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWlJMBNjM9M Groucho & Nacogdoches – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieF7qx-KQ9Y

Campvention 2024 – Frankfort, New York

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Campvention Help Wanted
By Deb Swanson, Campvention Chair

The Campvention team still has a few jobs that need to be filled:

  • Campvention Office
  • Information
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Door Prizes
  • Volunteers
  • First Timers
  • Equipment/Building Setup

These jobs are not difficult. And, if there are enough volunteers, you would only have to do it for one day, thereby freeing you up to sightsee or whatever you want to do. If we have no volunteers to fill these jobs, they just won’t happen.

I am disappointed that there seems to be a lack of interest in celebrating our 75th anniversary. For the first time in FCRV’s history there may not even be enough musicians to put a band together.

Of course, we will still need volunteers when Campvention starts. Please give these jobs your consideration. Thank you.

Site Decorating Contest
By Shari Weber, Chair

Crazy Acres Campground at Beaver Spring Lake is sponsoring the Campvention 2024 site decorating contest. This year the theme for decorating is “Camping – Past, Present, and Future”. Displays can be created by groups, chapters, families, or individuals. Prizes will be first, second, and third place. Use materials that depict your display the best. Have fun and be creative! Remember to support our sponsor Crazy Acres Campground. They can be reached by phone at 607-278-5293 or email at [email protected]. Find details about the campground at https://crazyacrescampground.com/. They are now taking reservations for next year.

Sign-Up to Host a Hospitality at Campvention 2024
By Lynn Acre, Campvention 2024 Team #4 Leader

FCRV members are the friendliest people on earth and what could be more friendly than hosting a hospitality at Campvention 2024!

A smile to greet,
A hand to shake,
A snack to eat,
A drink to take,
Old friends to meet,
New friends to make,
So book a hospitality for goodness sake!

Contact Lynn Acre to sign up for a hospitality [email protected].

FCRV International Band
By Craig Weber, Band Director

For more than forty years the FCRV International Band has performed at Campvention. Made up of volunteers the band members have given some of their Campvention time to practice and play at Campvention. Until the band size became so small, the band marched in the parade along with providing some evening entertainment. It has become more challenging each year to find music for such a small group. There are many loyal band members who consider this a high point of their Campvention experience. Unfortunately, several of the loyal band members will not be coming to New York this year. This will seriously impact the band’s ability to play in New York. If we do not get more volunteers, 2023 will go down as the last performance of the FCRV International Band. This is an urgent call to anyone who does not want to see this program die. This is the time to step up. If you want the band to continue and you play an instrument and are coming to New York in 2024, please e-mail Craig Weber at [email protected].  Let me know what instrument you play and your shirt size. I try to make the music available at the beginning of May to allow you some extra practice time. I hope the band can continue, but I realize times change. Thank you for allowing me to direct the FCRV International Band for the past 20 years.

Volunteer Help Request
By Chris Wheaton, Gate Registration Chair

Gate check-in help is needed at Campvention 2024. If you want to help out, list it on your registration form. We would like to volunteer for: ________________________

There are many opportunities to volunteer at Campvention 2024. Indicate where you can help on the registration form. Plan to sign-up upon arrival at Campvention or during the week. Your help will be greatly appreciated and will enhance your Campvention experience.

Take a Ride on the Erie Canal
By Barb Turner, Publicity Chair

“I’ve got an old mule and her name is Sal Fifteen years on the Erie Canal She’s a good old worker and a good old pal Fifteen years on the Erie Canal We’ve hauled some barges in our day Filled with lumber, coal, and hay And every inch of the way we know From Albany to Buffalo” – Erie Canal Song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIIM1mHfJ0U 

Sound familiar? Did you sing this song in school? Many of us did sing this song. Attendees at the 2024 FCRV Campvention at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds in Frankfort, New York June 23-29, 2024 may wish to visit and ride on the famed Erie Canal.

The Erie Canal, built between 1817 and 1825, connected Albany on the Hudson River to Buffalo on Lake Erie as the “longest artificial waterway and greatest public works project in North America as the first navigable waterway connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes…….363 miles. In effect, the canal accelerated the settlement of the Great Lakes region, the westward expansion of the United States, and the economic ascendancy of New York State. It has been called ‘The Nation’s First Superhighway.’” (Wikipedia)

Remember the term “Clinton’s Folly’ from your American history classes? New York Governor DeWitt Clinton authorized the construction of the canal in 1817. Opponents of the construction and of Governor Clinton dubbed the project ‘Clinton’s Folly’ and ‘Clinton’s Big Ditch’. The canal was opened on October 26, 1825 and was so successful that the construction debt incurred was eliminated in the first year due to the tolls that were charged to use the canal.

The construction across 363 miles challenged the civil engineering capabilities of the day. Initially the canal was 40 feet wide and 4 feet deep 34 locks, with the overall elevation difference of about 565 feet . Expansion improvements were made over the years to accommodate the larger boats and barges needed as increased use dictated. The peak year was 1855 when 33,000 commercial shipments took place. “It continued to be competitive with railroads until about 1902, when tolls were abolished. Commercial traffic declined heavily in the latter half of the 20th century due to competition from trucking and the 1959 opening of the larger St. Lawrence Seaway. The canal’s last regularly scheduled hauler, the Day Peckinpaugh, ended service in 1994.”

“Today, the Erie Canal is mainly used by recreational watercraft. It connects the three other canals in the New York State Canal System: the Champlain, Oswego, and Cayuga–Seneca. Some long-distance boaters take the Erie as part of the Great Loop.

The canal has also become a tourist attraction in its own right—a number of parks and museums are dedicated to its history. The Erie Canalway Trail is a popular cycling path that follows the canal across the state. In 2000, Congress designated the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor to protect and promote the system.” Visit https://www.eriecanal.org/  and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAGYXgzHkeY&t=213s 

With that in mind, take a ‘trip on the Erie Canal’ at 800 Mohawk St, Herkimer, 6 miles from the Herkimer County Fairgrounds, Frankfort, NY. Erie Canal cruises are 90 minutes. For further information, go to https://eriecanalcruises.com/cruises/sightseeing-tour/ .

“Low bridge, ev’rybody down, Low bridge, I’ve got the finest mule in town, She’s a perfect, perfect lady, and she blushes like a gal, If she hears you sing about her and the Erie Canal.”

Dear RV

Do you have questions about your RV, accessories, best practices, etc? Submit them to Dear RV and our staff will attempt to answer them. The answers are based on years of camping experience, but we don’t guarantee that the answers will apply to your specific unit or situation. If someone submits a question and you can add to our answer OR have a better answer, please submit below with information about the original question. Your submission will be reviewed for possible publication in a future Dear RV Q&A. So, send us your questions and we will send you an answer. Remember, all submissions are anonymous.

Us here at Dear RV!

Hi, Dear RV, my question is about water. If I sanitize my freshwater holding tank (bleach), where do I dump all that water? Will it harm the environment? I’m just concerned about the environment.

Dear Concerned,

Chlorine dissipates after a few days. It’s the same reason people continually add it to their pools. And you only use about 1/4 cup bleach per 15 gallons of water. It won’t hurt your pavement or asphalt but try to steer clear of dumping on growing things you want to keep. Thanks for checking with Dear RV.

Dear RV, my question is what do we need to do to winterize our rig for the winter?  No Idea what to do!

Well, No Idea

If you live in an area that tends to freeze, anything that contains water has the potential to freeze and break. This is your entire water system on the RV. There are a few methods that will keep this from happening. There are also a couple of ways to get this completed. The first is to book an appointment with your dealer and have them winterize your rig.

The other is to do it yourself. This can be done in a couple of ways!

First is to use RV antifreeze and pump this solution throughout the water system as directed by the RV manufacturer. Remember this is a special Non-Toxic antifreeze designed for use in RV water systems. Never use auto antifreeze as it is toxic to humans and pets.

The second way is to use air to blow all the water out of the RV water system, this leaving the system dry and nothing to freeze. This is often harder to do on the newer RV systems. Most importantly follow the manufacturers’ directions. If you are not sure, seek the professional help of your RV dealer. It is too important and costly to not protect your water system.  Thanks for asking Dear RV 

Dakota Zoo Thank You Letter

Meet the FCRV Wildlife Directors

Meet the FCRV Wildlife Directors
By: Tom & Cheryl Martinez

Good day, things are starting to come together. Cheryl and I are happy to be Wildlife Director.  Being new to this I am still working through the specifics. We are asking each state and province to create a gift basket for either raffle or auction for funding the wildlife grants. We are looking forward to reviewing the grant requests and providing funding for several worthwhile projects. We look forward to meeting a number of you at Campvention.

 We are asking this be shared with the chapters for membership participation.   

  • Please build a birdhouse, using your own design, and bring it to Campvention so we may have a silent auction for each. 
  • Submit an 8X10 wildlife picture.  There will be two categories, age 17 and under and 18 and over.  Bring the photos with you to the Campvention. 

The timing of the auctions, raffles, and judging of the pictures will be determined by the Campvention organizational staff. 


Wildlife Helps Ecosystems Stay in Balance

Every living organism is connected to each different living organism. When even one organism turns threatened or extinct, it has a cascading impact on the complete ecosystem. It destabilizes the meals chain and sends shock waves all through the environment.  It’s additionally essential to recognize that species threats are not often remote events. Things that endanger honey bees endanger other pollinators as well. The all-natural world desires to be covered for ecosystems to thrive.

Milestones – Birthdays – Anniversaries