RV Show Assistance Application

Family Campers and RVers (FCRV) encourages its chapters to continuously promote the organization, its mission, and membership benefits to prospective members. One such way is by attending state/provincial/local RV shows to share information and tout the advantages of camping club participation.

FCRV may offer partial financial assistance to those chapters wishing to secure and fully staff a booth. Completion and submission of this application is the first step to becoming grant eligible. Upon receipt of this completed document, the Vice President of Planning and Development (VPPD) will:

  • Review chapter application;
  • Schedule a meeting either online or via telephone to address questions and appropriate organizational representation;
  • And, if approved, notify the Comptroller of the financial grant for payment.


Important notice:

  • Financial assistance is available for booth/space rental only.
  • Reimbursement for the printing of promotional brochures is available upon submitted receipt from the FCRV International Office. The VPPD will notify the Office Administrator (OA) of the number requested.
    • Chapters must receive permission from the VPPD to distribute other materials, which will be reviewed for professional representation of the organization.
  • Chapters are prohibited from altering the above FCRV logo in any way without direct consent from the VPPD and OA. Show-specific modifications may be discussed and created by the OA, if approved.
  • A post-event report is required to permit a benefit analysis review. This may be conducted online or via telephone with the VPPD.
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Chapter Representative(Required)
Event Promoter/Organizer
Indoor/Outdoor Event