National Officers

Position Holders Name Connecting Email
FCRV National President Gerry Pfirsch [email protected]
FCRV Vice President of Operations Jeff Kendle [email protected]
FCRV Vice President of Programs Dora Lewis [email protected]
FCRV Vice President of Planning & Development Amy DeCamp [email protected]
FCRV National Comptroller Debbie Swanson [email protected]
FCRV National Corresponding & Recording Officer Beth Standiford [email protected]
FCRV National Past President Shari Weber [email protected]

National Program Directors

Position Holders Name Connecting Email
National Adult Activities Directors Robert & Karen Snodgrass [email protected]
National Campers Actively Moving Program (CAMP) Directors Kathy & Dick Buresh [email protected]
National Chaplain Bill Buggeln [email protected]
National Communications & Security Directors Open
National DASAT Director Joe Boswell [email protected]
National Historian Open
National Parliamentarian Linda Hennie [email protected]
National Scholarship Directors Debbie Swanson [email protected]
National Teen Directors Beth Coniglio [email protected]
National Travalong Coordinators Open
Volunteer Background Records Custodian Open
National Wildlife Directors Debbie Swanson [email protected]
National Information & Awards Director Larry Roop [email protected]
National Campvention Directors Ed Shaneyfelt [email protected]
National Commercial Director Open
National International Veterans Program Open
National Retiree Director Dave & Linda Hennie [email protected]
Strategic Planning Coordinator Open
National Conservation Director Open
National Membership Director Open
National Youth Directors Open


Position Holders Name Email
Research Director Barb Turner [email protected]
Camping Today – Editor/Proofreader Open
Camping Today – PDF Designer Paul Standiford [email protected]
Website Developer Carl Fromholzer [email protected]
Social Media Manager Carl Fromholzer (acting) [email protected]

Regional Directors

Position Holders Name Email
Region # 1 – Far West Shirley Kendle [email protected]
Region # 2 – South Central West Debbie Ludwig [email protected]
Region # 3 – Heartland JeAnne Selby [email protected]
Region # 4 – Great Lakes Doug & Connie Black [email protected]
Region # 5 – Northeast Region Jeff Kendle (Acting) [email protected]
Region # 6 – Southeast George Reynolds [email protected]
Region # 7 – Far North Camy Hicks [email protected]
State/Province Holders Name Connecting Email
Alabama Ron & Reba Ray [email protected]
Colorado Shirley Kendle [email protected]
Connecticut Mark & Anne Brayman [email protected]
Florida Bob & Emma Moore [email protected]
Georgia CT & Alice Garner [email protected]
Illinois Mike & Rhonda O’Neal [email protected]
Indiana Angie Shaneyfelt [email protected]
Iowa Dale & Karen Huston [email protected]
Kansas Earl & Ivalee Vanderhoff [email protected]
Kentucky Jeff & Sharon Robinson [email protected]
Michigan John & Linda English [email protected]
Mississippi Maxine Puckett [email protected]
Missouri Paul Standiford [email protected]
Nebraska Robert & Joleen Baker [email protected]
Nevada Richard & Idamarie Roberts [email protected]
New York Joe Wittmeyer [email protected]
North Carolina Larry & Betty Stone [email protected]
North Dakota Sherry McGuire [email protected]
Ohio Dave Hennie (Acting) [email protected]
Oklahoma Rick Huston [email protected]
Pennsylvania Patty Campbell [email protected]
South Carolina Philip & Joanne Rich [email protected]
South Dakota Sherry McGuire [email protected]
Utah Gordon & Diane Evans [email protected]
West Virginia Gerry & Betty Owens [email protected]
Wisconsin Ray Suennen [email protected]
Ontario Lew & Lynn Acre [email protected]


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