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Retiree Rally 2022 Frony Page

Mineola Civic Center

March 29 – April 4, 2022.

Campvention 2022 Font Page

Colorado State Fairgrounds

July 10 – 15, 2022

From The President

 With Campvention over we are back to camping and business at hand.  A nominating committee is being formed as I have asked Larry Roop to Chair that Committee this year.  I ask If you are contacted or interested in a position consider stepping up and running.  It is a rewarding venture.  The work is taking place on the Field Manual and the correction in it as we speak.  There have been several counter dictions and outdated items that are being cleaned up and addressed.  

One recent discovery I have made is that we have a state Director on mailing list that the contact information is not correct.  This list Larry updates almost monthly, and this Individual changed their phone number some time ago and never bothered updating the FCRV office with the new information.  You might ask how I know this I contacted Pat at the office thinking that possibly I did not copy the number correctly or did not have the most recent list with me. Upon checking Pat confirmed that I had the correct number or at least the number that the office had for this State Director.  It is a sad day when we have State Directors that fail to keep the office updated on their own phone number changes.  So please take time to review and keep your state information as well as your members information updated.  

I hope that all of you have had the opportunity to go camping with you chapter and you have had some fun and successful outings this year! There are a number of state functions that 

 are taking place so if you have the opportunity, I hope that you take the time to attend your state fall function if they are having one.  If you do not attend the functions, then you have missed out on a wonderful opportunity to get to know the members that are part of the same state as you are.  Often, we are asking what we get from our membership.  Well, you only get in return what you invest into something.  It is like a retirement fund If you put money into the fund the fund will pay you back in time.  So, invest fun times and friendship into FCRV and in return the friendship flows back to you many times over.  

I would like to encourage each chapter to set up a Gmail account for their chapter and get the address to the office.  this will help for communication and will add a layer of security as no one will have their personal email address out there for their chapter.  This will also help to aid in posting the things that your chapter does and allow for added communication. One other thing this will add to the professional look of FCRV.  This will also add to the creditability of FCRV. I would also like to encourage you to send photos of your events to the office for the website. I would also like to have you share some of the activities that your chapter does on outings to increase the activities that show up when people are searching online.  let us make sure that they find us first and show them that we are active and having fun.  

Well for now we will see you camping!

Gerry Pfirsch

Hello From The New Vice President of Operations

Hi everyone. I am Jeff Kendle, your new Vice President of Operations. A little bit about me- I was born in Ohio, I left there in 1963 to join the U.S. Army. I spent 23 years touring the world! Stateside assig

nments included Missouri, Virginia, Texas, Georgia and Colorado. Overseas tours included Korea, Viet Nam, and 4 years in Heidelberg, Germany.

I met my wife, Shirley at Fitzsimons Army Medical Center in Colorado. We have been married for 39 years. We have been members of NCHA/FCRV for 16 years. I have held every chapter officer position to include being a field director, State Director, Regional Director and now FCRV VP of Operations. We have two “grown up children” who are also members of FCRV and a 21-yearold granddaughter who is also a

member and is the Colorado Youth Director. In addition to being your voice on the Board of Trustees for regional, state and provinces, I will also be working with the other trustees on making things better and bigger for FCRV. If I can help in any way, don’t hesitate to contact me at: [email protected].

We all need to work on membership in order to make FCRV grow. We need to get out there at chapter, state/provincial, regional and national campouts and other functions and do a little bragging about what FCRV is all about- you know, the 4 “F’s”, fun, fellowship, friendship and FOOD! If you see RVs in your neighborhood or in other campsites, approach the occupants/owners, talk to them about FCRV, give them the website address and a membership application. It’s worth a few minutes of your time. Have a great rest of the camping season and don’t forget, Campvention 2022 will be held in the colorful state of Colorado. Hope to see you there.

Jeff Kendle

Retiree Rally 2022

Retiree Rally 2022

by Reba & Ron Ray, Retiree Directors

Hello to Fellow Campers! The International Retiree Rally is going to happen!!

Mineola Civic Center in Mineola, Texas

March 29 – April 3, 2022.  Early days will begin on Friday March 25

So make your plans to be there.  The registration form is in your Camping Today Magazine.

Ron & I are looking forward to seeing everyone in March of next year.  It will be our 50th Year of Retiree Rallies.  Kip & Jan Cushing will be host for this rally, and they are gearing up to make this a memorable one.  So let’s get those registrations in and plan your trip.

Mineola is a bit smaller than we are used to, but we do promise everyone with full hook-ups and most will be on cement pads.  If it rains, then we should be okay as far as flooding.  

The Civic Center in Mineola has lots of room for everyone to move around without any trouble.

The kitchen will be off-limits, although, they will have refrigerators available if you need to keep something cool for your hospitalities.

If you have never been to a Retiree Rally, we offer you 2 catered meals, ice cream social, games, entertainment and much more.  So bring along your dancing shoes and have some fun.  And remember, you don’t have to be retired to come, but if you do and have children, we will not have any activities for them.  The children will be able to participate in any game that is going on at the rally.

 It’s been a couple of years without a rally, so let’s make this one a RENEW OF FRIENDSHIPS RALLY.

“Fishin’ for Fifty” – that’s the theme.  So we are fishing for FCRV Members who want to come and see all their old friends and family.  

If anyone has a questions about the Retiree Rally, then you can contact us.

See you all in March 2022

Ron & Reba Ray, National Retiree Directors, 706-302-6735 – [email protected]


by Craig & Shari Weber, Games Chairs

We are planning the usual games for the rally in Mineola. We will be following current CDC guidelines to protect everyone and still enjoy the games.

If you are willing to lead one of the games during the rally, please email [email protected] with the gameyou would like to lead. Many hands make the work easier, and everyone has fun.

Cornhole is a game many enjoy. The retirees do not have boards, so we ask that you bring boards; we will need several. There will be a variety of competitive games and the always fun frog races. Bring a fun attitude and competitive spirit to join us throughout the week.


by Richard and Frances Jackson, Flea Market Chairs

It’s time to consider preparing for the annual Retirees Flea Market. Bring crafts you have created or white elephant items you have on hand. Join us with your items to sell or come look around for some great buys. Vendor spaces are free!

Chairman of Committees

By Kip & Jan Cushing 2022 Retiree Rally Coordinators [email protected]

We have contacted most of you that had agreed to be chairman of committees in 2021. Most of you have agreed to chair the same committee in 2022. We thank you very much. If you had agreed for 202l and haven’t been contacted please let us know if you are still willing to chair a committee. Most committees are filled at this time, but there are several committees in need of co-chairman. Let us know if you would be willing to be a co-chairman. MINEOLA, TE


by Ronald & Jo Hersom, K&Q Coordinators DONE

We are going to have an actual Retiree Rally at Mineola, TX in March, 2022.  Couples who are King & Queen of their state or province should consider now if they would like to compete for International King & Queen at the Retiree Rally in March 2022.

First, you don’t need to be selected by a separate retiree chapter – it can be just your province or state organization that selects you.  

Next, contact us for an application form and information about conducting your campaign. Prepare a write-up about yourselves that we can use to introduce you to the attendees at the Rally.   We need all applications by the end of January.

Next, prepare a bio (300 words or less) to publish in Camping Today, (a picture to DeWayne Johnston would be good). [email protected] (need an underline sign “_” between D and j). You can send it any time.

Then decide on campaign handouts & plan your hospitality at the Rally.

You get to meet many new people and make new friends.  Other friends will help you prepare for your Hospitality (yum-yum).

The couple selected as K & Q are expected to represent FCRV for the year and attend the next Retiree Rally to pass on the crowns to the next K & Q.

Enjoy yourselves, have fun and be part of the FCRV Retiree Rally. Looking forward to hearing from you. 

Ronald & Jo Hersom, King & Queen Coordinators winter—400 E 18th St. Site 9

905 Henry Dr., Marshalltown, IA 50158 Weslaco, TA 78596

641-750-2774 (cell)

[email protected]


by Barb Turner, PR Chair

FCRV International Retiree Rally 2022 is a milestone in the organization…..FIFTY Retiree Rallies will be celebrated March 29 – April 3, 2022 at the Mineola Civic Center, Mineola, Texas.  Rally Coordinators Kip & Jan Cushing are celebrating the accomplishment with their theme for the rally being ‘Fishin’ for Fifty’.  The Mineola Civic Center and RV Park has full hookups with 30 or 50 amps on large, level, concrete sites with green grass.  Fast WiFi!  Shower facilities will be available. Over the next few months, the rally committee chairs will be sharing what to expect in March/April in Mineola in Camping Today.

Mineola is at the junction of U.S. highways 69 and 80, eighty miles east of Dallas in southwestern Wood County.  It came into existence when the railroads laid tracks through eastern Texas in the early 1870s.  Interestingly, in 1873 it was a race between the Texas and Pacific and the International-Great Northern to see which could get to Mineola first. The I-GN reached Mineola 15 minutes before the Texas and Pacific Railroad!  That would have been exciting!  The city government was organized in 1873.  A post office was opened in 1875.  Incorporation came in 1877.  In the 1880s a fire destroyed 18 buildings, but the city didn’t die.  It rebuilt and flourished, and by 1890 there were seven churches, several schools including a free black school, hotels, banks, and businesses.  The population reached 2,000! 

East Texas was in the ‘timber belt’ which made railroad ties and lumber plentiful for the railroads.  ‘In 1879, S. Zuckerman, a Mineola resident, filled contracts for 85,000 ties that were used in the construction of the T&P RR west to El Paso.’  Over the years, Mineola has remained a small East Texas town with several commercial endeavors.  For more of Mineola’s history, check out this link,_Texas

Plan on ‘Fishin’ for Fifty’ in Mineola, Texas in March/April, 2022.  More Mineola info and rally info will be shared in the months ahead!  See you in Mineola, Texas in March/April!

Campvention 2022

Campvention 2022 Introduction

by Jeff & Shirley Kendle, Campvention 2022 Chair

Colorado State Fairgrounds

1001 Beulah Ave., Pueblo, CO 81004

Campvention Days:  July 10 – 15, 2022

EARLY BIRD DAYS: July 8 & 9, 2022 


“Rocky Mountain Bliss” is the theme for the 2022 FCRV Campvention. The Rocky Mountain Bliss team is hard at work planning many exciting and fun activities for a great Campvention week from July 10 – July 15, 2022, with departure on Saturday, July 16th. Future issues of CAMPING TODAY will give details on entertainment, activities, seminars, games, and site-seeing opportunities. 

Check out our Facebook group – “FCRV Region 1 Campvention 2022”.  This is another platform to communicate with FCRV members regarding upcoming events and activities that will take place at Campvention. 

You can find the 2022 Campvention Registration Form in Camping Today, on the FCRV website at Campvention 2022 – Family Campers and RVers (, and on the Facebook Group. 

We can always use your help. So, if you are interested, contact Shirley or Jeff Kendle at [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you at the Colorado State Fairgrounds in Pueblo, Colorado for the 2022 Campvention. 

Rocky Mountain Summer Camp Hello Message

by Camp Counselors, Breanna and Dez

Hiya Campers!

Here at the Rocky Mountain Summer Camp, we are so excited to see you next summer in Pueblo, Colorado, at the 2022 Campvention hosted by Region 1! We have many fun crafts, games, and activities planned for all those 12 years and under; So, don’t forget to register for the 2022 Campvention! Also, be on the lookout for further announcements regarding the Rocky Mountain Summer Camp that can be found in Camping Today, on the FCRV Region 1 Campvention 2022 Facebook group, and by email. We are looking forward to seeing you all in 2022, and if you have any questions about the Rocky Mountain Summer Camp program, please email [email protected]

See you soon,
Your Camp Counselors,
Breanna and Dez

Colorado State Fairgrounds, Pueblo Colorado

By Jeff & Shirley Kendle, Campvention Chair

The location of the 2022 Campvention will be the Colorado State Fairgrounds in Pueblo, Colorado. Many of you may have attended the 2007 Campvention; however, since then there have been numerous improvements to the grounds, buildings, and parking areas. The fairgrounds reside on eighty acres of land that contains paved streets, an outdoor amphitheater, outdoor stages, and impressive landscaping. Trees line the streets, and there are shaded grass areas to sit and relax. We will have picnic tables placed in a few areas so you can sit outside and enjoy your lunch, socialize, and take in the warm summer air. 

For the 2022 Campvention, FCRV will have exclusive use of all facilities, parking areas, and grounds. All buildings have either air condition or swamp coolers to keep us cool during the summer heat. There is even a restaurant on site that we will be negotiating with to have open where you will be able to sit, relax, and have a cool drink. 

There are three parking areas at the Fairgrounds, the Carnival Lot, the Event Center Lot, and Fountain Park. There is a combination of full-hook-up sites and water and electric sites. The majority of the sites have 50 amp; however, some sites have 35 amp. All parking will be strictly HOBO style, and sites will be assigned as you arrive at the gate, so if you want to camp next to someone you must arrive with them. 

See you in Pueblo!!

Pueblo, Colorado

by Barb Turner, Campvention Publicity Chair

Pueblo, Colorado is the site of the FCRV 2022 Campvention where attendees will celebrate ‘Rocky Mountain Bliss’ July 10-15, 2022.  Pueblo is located at the confluence of the Arkansas River and Fountain Creek about 112 miles south of Denver, the Colorado state capital.  The climate is considered semi-arid desert land which experiences about 12 inches of precipitation each year.  It’s located in the ‘Banana Belt’ of Colorado which means that Pueblo gets less snow that the major cities of Colorado.  Snow won’t be an issue in July!!

Historically, James Beckwourth, George Simpson, and other trappers are said to have helped construct the plaza that became known as El Pueblo and Fort Pueblo around 1842.  Trading between the trappers and Native Americans in the area uninterrupted till late 1854 when a war party of Utes and Jicarilla Apaches under the Ute chief Tierra Blanca “allegedly killed between fifteen and nineteen men and captured two children and one woman in what became known as the Fort Pueblo Massacre”.  The trading post was then abandoned till it gained importance again between 1858 and 1859 during the Colorado Gold Rush of 1859.

“By the early 1870s the city was being hailed as a beacon of development, with newspapers like the Chicago Tribune boasting of how the region’s lawless reputation was giving way to orderly agriculture with triumphalist rhetoric. One author crowed of Pueblo that ‘the necessity exists no longer for Sharp’s rifles and revolvers. These have been supplied by the plow and the mowing-machine.’

“Pueblo’s development stretched beyond agriculture. Steel emerged as a key industry very early, and in 1909 the city was considered the only steel town west of the Mississippi River.”  With the growth of the Colorado Fuel & Iron (CF&I) Steel Mill and influx of immigrants to work in the mill, Pueblo became the ‘Melting Pot of the West’ with at one point more than 40 languages were spoken in the steel mill and more than 2 dozen foreign language newspapers were published in Pueblo.

“Until a series of major floods culminated in the Great Flood of 1921, Pueblo was considered the ‘Saddle-Making capital of the World’. Roughly one-third of Pueblo’s downtown businesses were lost in this flood, along with a substantial number of buildings. Pueblo struggled with this significant loss, but has had resurgence in growth.” (,_Colorado

‘The current city of Pueblo represents the consolidation of four towns: Pueblo (incorporated 1870), South Pueblo (incorporated 1873), Central Pueblo (incorporated 1882), and Bessemer (incorporated 1886). Pueblo, South Pueblo, and Central Pueblo legally consolidated as the City of Pueblo between March 9 and April 6, 1886. Bessemer joined Pueblo in 1894.

The City of Pueblo is also known as the ‘Home of Heroes’. This moniker was in a speech in 1993 by then Colorado Representative Scott McInnis as he spoke to Congress about the uniqueness of a city Pueblo’s size having a record four recipients of the Medal of Honor claiming Pueblo as their hometown: William J. Crawford, Army WWII; Carl L. Sitter, Marines Korea; Raymond J, “Jerry” Murphy, Marines Korea; and Drew D. Dix, Army Vietnam. At the time, all four men were alive. The speech, which became part of the Congressional Record, caused the City to adopt the name ‘Home of Heroes’. It has increased in popularity over the years. In September of 2000, a memorial was created with four larger than life size bronze statues representing Pueblo’s four recipients and it included large granite plaques as backdrops at the Memorial with the names of all Medal of Honor recipients since Civil War times when the award was first conceived. This was unveiled in downtown Pueblo at the Pueblo Convention Center during the Congressional Medal of Honor Society’s national convention.

“The flags in the city’s official seal, which fly above the banner ‘under 5 flags’, represent the 5 countries and territories that held dominion over the Pueblo area during the last 2 centuries. Those countries are France, Mexico, Texas, Spain, and of course, the United States of America.  Included in the seal is a representation of old Fort Pueblo, the 1st permanent structure in the area. Pueblo was incorporated in 1870, at the confluence of the Arkansas River and Fountain River. The waters of these 2 rivers are represented by the waves beneath the fort.” (

Pueblo, Colorado, site of Campvention 2022, is an interesting city and area to explore.  Over the months leading up to Campvention, sites to see and things to do will be shared to prepare our FCRV family when we convene in July, 2022.

Photos –

NCHA (FCRV) Hank Nathan Scholarship Inc.

NCHA (FCRV) Hank Nathan Scholarship Inc.

The 2020/21 Scholarship year has been significantly affected by the Covid 19 pandemic.

In 2021, the NCHA (FCRV) Hank Nathan Scholarship Inc. will award 6 scholarships, the amount of the awards will total $7,500.00. We responded to 10 requests for applications, receiving 8 at the Scholarship America office. The six recommendations were reviewed and approved by the FCRV Scholarship Board.

The value of the Scholarship fund as of March 31, 2021 was $274,000.00. We use 6% of the value for scholarships giving us $12,500.00 to draw from.

This year we do not have a recipient of the Schu Memorial Scholarship, in conservation, ecology or outdoor activities.

We have 6 Scholarship recipients:

  • Benjamin Moats of Ames, Iowa will be attending University of Minnesota: Twin Cities. He will be studying Mathematics. $2,000
  • Tara Mueller of Exeter NE will be attending Wayne State University. She will be studying Early Childhood Education $1,000
  • Kiley Johnson of Omaha NE will be attending University of Nebraska: Lincoln. She will be studying Elementary Ed. $1,000
  • Kerri McHale of Carthage NY will be attending SUNY Brockport. She will be studying History Education $1,500
  • Brianna Coniglio of Spring Hill will be attending John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She will be studying Forensic Science $1,000
  • Katie Kurburski of Harbor Springs MI will be attending Ferns State University. She will be studying Biology. $1,000

The Scholarship Board wishes to thank the staff at Scholarship America for their continued support of our program. We specifically wish to thank Staci Anderson our contact with Scholarship America for her dedication and support. Our thanks and best wishes to all six recipients of this year’s scholarships. We wish all of them continued success as they work toward a carrier in their chosen fields.

FCRV Hank Nathan Scholarship Donations:

July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021

Date From Amount
12-31-20 Badger State Association disbanded $2,565.13
07-08-20 Philipsburg Mountaineers in Memory of Emma Jean Lanich $25.00
07-21-20 Philipsburg Mountaineers in Memory of Millie Hubler $25.00
Camping Today 12 September 2021
07-30-20 Beverly Hagerman in memory of Richard Carey $25.00
08-04-20 Cynthia Marz In Memory of Richard Carey $50.00
08-04-20 Beth Sulek-Lahousse In memory of Richard Carey $25.00
08-04-20 Lavaughn Turton in Memory of Richard Carey $25.00
08-24-20 Jacqueline Talley in Memory of Richard Carey $50.00
08-24-20 Linda English in Memory of Richard Carey $100.00

We also want to show our appreciation to all members who contributed donations this past year. A well deserved thank you to Jan Cushing for all her work keeping our books in order.
In closing let me leave you with this thought. The Scholarship Board helps many young people to follow their dreams. Your donations make that support possible!

National Wildlife Directors Report


By Joanie Stone, National Wildlife Director

The following are the wildlife grants that were submitted to me. Seven grants were awarded. All grants followed the rules for submitting for a grant.

Medina Raptor Center – Spencer, Ohio – awarded $1200 – The purpose of this organization is to rescue, rehabilitate and release injured or orphaned birds. If the birds cannot be released after all efforts have been exhausted it is placed in training to become a program bird. They also have a educational Outreach Program that they present to schools, churches, 4-H groups, senior groups and other community groups. This was a new grant that was submitted this year.

Bridges for Brain Injury – Farmington, New York – new grant this year – awarded $1200 – This organization is the premier provider of Wildlife and Conservation Education in the Finger Lakes region of New York. They use individuals who have suffered brain injury as part of their rehabilitation. This if the only program of its kind in the U.S. This organization philosophy is to use their Wildlife Rockstar program, a wildlife and conservation education program that brings awareness to the community about environmental conservation as well as brain injury prevention. This organization is the home of over 40 animals.

Hall County Park – Grand Island, Nebraska – awarded $1100 – This grant will help expand a wildlife butterfly garden in the park. This park has a lot of wildlife in it. There are many butterflies and hummingbirds that enjoy the small area they have so expanding will be great.

Soarin’ Hawk Raptor Rehabilitation – Huntertown, IN awarded $1100 after their treatment and rehabilitation at our facilities, native or migratory birds released back into the wild. Because of the pandemic the organization hasn’t been able to present programs with their educational birds. The educational program is made up of those raptors who cannot be released back to the wild.

Mahoney State Park– Ashland, Nebraska – awarded $1000 – The project that the park is asking help with is replanting a new generation of oak saplings and establishing new plantings of pollinator habitat. The project is on 3 acres. Deer, turkeys, and many avian species with Bald Eagle nests now visible across the river channel. They had to remove a 280 year old oak because of safety issues.

Dakota Zoo -Bismarck, North Dakota – awarded $900 – requesting help to purchase a new freezer for store shipped in frozen fish for African Black Penguins. The freezer will cost $6800. There are other endangered residents receiving specially prepared, frozen fish and meats like Mexican wolves, swift fox, grizzly bears, black footed ferrets, tigers, etc.

Wildcat Hills SRA and Nature Center – New – Gering, Nebraska,- awarded $500 – Funds will be used for educational purposes, bird feeders, an area for bird watching, and putting up displays for visitors to learn more about the various wildlife.


Ms. Joanie Stone
National Wildlife Refuge Director
Family Campers & RVers

Dear Ms. Stone,

On behalf of the volunteers and board of Soarin’ Hawk, thank you for the grant of $1100 from Family Campers & RVers Wildlife Refuge Inc. We will use the funding for presentations at state campgrounds and parks with our resident education raptors.

Thanks to your support, we will be able to reach a wider audience of campers and RVers with our mission of conserving the rapror population through rehabilitation and education

Last year was financially challenging for Soar’n Hawk because of the pandemic sharply reduced revenue normally coming from presentations. Thanks to valuable donors like the Family Campers and RVers Wildlife Refuge Program, we were generally making u the lost ground.

Each year, Soarin’ Hawk rescues about 225 injured Raptures, and summer is a busy time. After treatment and rehabilitation, birds are released back into the wild where they were found. Raptors that can not be released because of permanent injuries often become resident education birds. We have 25 of them, including a variety of hawks, owls, kestrels, turkey vultures and an eagle. We also transfer some raptors to other refuges to re-Camping Today 20 September 2021 side, such as a hawk that resently went to a zoo in Kansas City and a turkey vulture to a zoo in Dayton, OH.

Thank you for the wonderful support of the Family Campers & RVers Wildlife Refuge program.

Andy Candor, Board Member

“Amazing Warrors” Fighting Big Battle

Joanne Rich introduced the South Carolina Retiree Chapter to a page on facebook called “AMAZING WARRIORS fighting big battles”.  The purpose of the page is to sponsor a child with a life threating illness.  They only ask that you send the child a card monthly and include stickers.  .Joanne Rich and LaNelle Ishmael both started sponsoring a child and then the idea was presented to the South Carolina Retiree Club.  The Retirees are sponsoring a 14 year old girl in Nebraska with terminal brain cancer.  Since starting this project we have gone beyond the card and stickers and sent goodies packages of other things the children might enjoy.  I would encourage others to take on this project.  It is truly a blessing.

Respectfully Submitted
Leon Ishmael, Retiree President

FCRV Activities


By Barb Turner

The YARS Chapter held a 3 day campout after FCFV’s 2021 WI Campvention at the nearby Jefferson County Fairgrounds. 17 couples, many of whom volunteered at Campvention attended.

The traditional root beer float welcome brought everyone together for the first evening where ideas for outings were discussed around the campfire. During the weekend people chose to go to a boat lake cruise out of Milwaukee, House on the Rock, The WI Dells, stopping on the way back at famous Culver’s for butter burgers, cheese curds, and frozen yogurt.

Food is always part of a YARS get together and there were abundant pot luck breakfasts and suppers. Campfire cooking was available also.

Every evening offered a large campfire with opportunities for lots of conversation. Some opted for table games at the picnic tables. Jerry Zimmerman brought some fun entertainment in the form of ‘leg puppets’. A couple ladies volunteered to draw faces on the knees of men who were ‘volunteered’. The painted on faces (washable) became the focal point of doll sized tie-on dresses. The men were then asked to make them dance by moving their legs up and down to music. Try it sometime at a campout!

Hosts were Barb and Jim Turner who reminded everyone that 2022 is YARS’ 20th anniversary. Many old and pleasant memories were retold and discussed around the campfire. Some in attendance continued touring with the Turners on their Travalong up through Michigan, etc.

The YARS chapter meets twice a year following Campvention and Retiree Rally. For information contact Barb & Jim [email protected].


by Jim & Barb Turner Travalong Directors

The 2021 FCRV Travalong began after Campvention at the YARs campout at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds, Jeffersonville, Wisconsin.  As we were ‘wearing 2 hats’, campout hosts and Travalong leaders, we encouraged the attendees to explore the area.  

Our next stop was the Brown County Fairgrounds, De Pere, Wisconsin, to explore the Green Bay area and Door County.  Dahle Enneper, local FCRV member, stopped by after work to share her suggestions for visiting Door County which is known for its picturesque coastal towns, specialty shops, fish boils, cherry & apple orchards and scenic beauty.  It’s often referred to as the ‘Cape Cod of the Midwest’.  Door County has the waters of Green Bay on one side and Lake Michigan on the other.  Dahle was very helpful.  The group (Jim & Dora Lewis, George & Debbie Walters, Craig & Shari Weber, and Jim Lewis’ sister & her husband) appreciated Dahle’s knowledge and visiting with her.

The day in Door County was wonderful as the group enjoyed the cheese, cherries, a maritime museum, and the amazing coastline!  We visited some attractions in the Green Bay are, including the National Railroad Museum, Lambeau Field, the Green Bay Botanical Gardens.

The next stop was Rapid River, Michigan near Escanaba in the Upper Peninsula with Jim & Dora Lewis and George & Debbie Walters.  Lighthouses were explored as well as a trip to Iron Mountain where we took the tour of the Iron Mountain Iron Mine.  Upper Peninsula pasties (a traditional workingman’s meal from Cornwell, England – beef, diced potatoes, onion, rutabaga) intrigued the group.  Frozen pasties were purchased to eat later.  

Our final stop was St. Ignace on the Upper Peninsula side of the Mackinac Bridge.  St. Ignace was explored.  A day-trip to Sault Saint Marie was the highlight.  The two couples took the boat trip through the Soo Locks.  We did not join them as we had taken the trip last year.  That enabled us to watch their ‘locking though’ at the first lock.  Of course, photos and videos were taken of their process.  It is amazing to take the boar trip as well as watch.  The Walters (the only ones who hadn’t visited the island) took the boat to Mackinac Island and enjoyed the carriage ride with the historical narration.  Jim & Dora Lewis visited Tahquamenon Falls & the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum at Whitefish Point, near the sight of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald freighter on Lake Superior.  (We had been to both places last year.)  Jim & Dora climbed to the top of Castle Rock in St. Ignace.  

The 2021 Travalong concluded as we traveled across the Mackinac Bridge with George & Debbie Walters heading home to Florida, Jim & Dora Lewis heading to their daughter’s in southwest Michigan, and we to the Frankenmuth area for some family time.

We became Travalong Directors in July, 2011.  We’ve enjoyed hosting the various groups.  Now, it’s time to retire from that position.  We wish the best to the next Travalong Directors, whoever they might be.  Thank you for your support.

The link to the Travalong 2021 photos is

Enjoy a Week of Adventures in West Virginia

Exciting Outdoor Adventures are Abundant for Daring Travelers

PIPESTEM, WV, August 4, 2021 – The scenic mountains and wild rivers in West Virginia provide the perfect setting for a week of adventure for outdoor enthusiasts and their families. 

Pipestem Adventures at Pipestem State Park and Ace Adventure Resort in the New River Gorge National Park deliver the full spectrum of outdoor adventures in southern West Virginia.

Known as “Wild, Wonderful West Virginia,” the state lives up to its reputation as a playground for those seeking thrills and excitement. At the top of the list is white water rafting on the New River and the Gauley River which provide an experience from mild to wild depending on your skill level and tolerance for excitement. Other exciting endeavors include hiking, rock climbing, ziplining, caving, kayaking, horseback riding and fishing.

Pipestem Adventures also features championship golf courses, mountain bike excursions and professionally guided rafting and inner tubing on the scenic Bluestone Gorge River. Guests can camp in the plentiful camping and RV sites or enjoy a restful retreat at one of the park’s lodges. 

Pipestem Adventures offer the guided adventure tours in the park. A full-day adventure extravaganza for the family can be found at Pipestem Adventure Zone where they can
participate in skeet shooting, laser tag, remote controlled cars on race tracks, 3D archery, axe throwing, drone flying, miniature golf, disc golf and electric motor assisted bikes. All equipment and instructions are provided. Visit for more information.

The state’s only National Park is the New River Gorge National Park and Preserve. It is home to the spectacular New River Gorge Bridge. Once each year on Bridge Day, base jumping is allowed and features hundreds of elite parachuters leaping to a landing 800 feet below. The bridge is also the jumping off point for rappelling and highline ziplining. Year-round, adventurers can walk across on a small catwalk just below the roadway (with a harness for safety).

Ace Adventure Resort is adjacent to the New River and the National Park. The resort offers 1,500 acres of wonderland for world-class whitewater adventures and activities such as ATV tours, fishing, mud obstacle course, aerial park and paddleboarding. In addition to guided tours, Ace offers over 50 cabin accommodations for visitors and all the amenities travelers need.

Visitors can enjoy their favorite adventures and indulge in new activities that will be the source of memories not soon forgotten in the wonderland of West Virginia.

Pipestem activities can be booked by calling 1-833-WV-Parks (1-833-987-2757) or visiting Ace Adventure Resort reservations are available on their site or by calling 800-787-3982.

Canadian Camping Appreciation Weekend Coming Soon

By: RVBusiness|Published on: Aug 12, 2021|Categories: Today’s Industry News

Set for Sept. 10-12, Canadian Camping Appreciation Weekend is a national initiative coordinated by the Canadian Camping and RV Council (CCRVC) for members to thank their campers for their patronage over the past camping season and to help celebrate the Camping and RV lifestyle.

Private Campgrounds in Canada will be able to participate in the Camping Appreciation Weekend from coast to coast, many offering discounted programs in support of Care Camps, a charity that sends Canadian kids battling cancer to specialized oncology camps where they can enjoy nature, childhood, and fun.

“CCRVC looked at the opportunity to help Care Camps and assist with their mandate to offer children with cancer the chance to go camping as a true privilege and something that we really wanted to be a part of.  We are truly honoured and proud to be a partner of Care Camps and we are looking forward to further developing our relationship in the future,” said Cara Csizmadia, CCRVC’s membership and benefits coordinator.

Campers can access a special weekend stay offer of two-nights, get the third night at 50% off at participating campgrounds.  Half of the third night’s revenue will be donated to Care Camps to help kids with cancer go to camp to find hope and healing in the outdoors.

“The importance of Private Campgrounds has certainly been amplified during the COVID 19 pandemic when more and more Canadians looked at camping for the first time as a safe and healthy way to get outdoors and vacation responsibly” said Shane Devenish, CCRVC’s executive director. “Campgrounds have offered the opportunity for families to spend time together, create lifelong memories, and discover Canada’s natural landscape and they have never been as important to the well being of Canadians as they have demonstrated over the last 2 years.”

To learn more about participating in Canadian Camping Appreciation Weekend, Campgrounds, RV Dealers and Manufacturers can visit –


The Canadian Camping and RV Council is comprised of the Provincial Campground Owners Associations, the Canadian RV Association and the RVDA of Canada to provide for the betterment and support of Private Campgrounds and the Camping and RV Industry in Canada. The Association also serves as the national advocacy voice of Private Campgrounds.

The Canadian RV and Camping Industry contributes over $6.2 billion to the economy, employs 67,000 individuals, contributes over $3.4 Billion to Canadian Tourism, and has seen its popularity boom amongst consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

About Care Camps

Since its inception, Care Camps has raised more than $18 million so kids can attend camp free of charge, with no additional cost to their already financially burdened families. Through its charitable fundraising efforts, Care Camps will provide necessary support to send kids with cancer to medically supervised cancer camps where they can have fun, build awesome friendships, feel the joy that comes from camping and spending time in nature, make memories that will help them heal and ultimately return home feeling renewed and filled with hope.

Record Camping Participation Expected to Continue into Fall.


By: RVBusiness|Published on: Aug 3, 2021

Amid the ongoing pandemic and shifts toward outdoor recreation, campgrounds and RV parks report a major surge in bookings, a trend that is likely to continue for many years to come, according to a News & Insights report by the RV Industry Association (RVIA).

A recent survey of 2,100 campgrounds and RV parks nationwide performed by found that 39% of locations report a 20-49% increase in advanced bookings for late summer and early fall. An additional 23% of locations report an increase of more than 50%. The results of the survey confirm that camping will remain one of the most popular forms of travel during 2021, with no signs of letting up.

“We are up 36% in forward bookings, with many still booking for this September and October, and for 2022 already,” said Billie McNamara, general manager of Loon’s Haven Family Campground in Maine. “Our weekends are fully booked until the week after Labor Day and hardly any weekdays are available, as well.”

The continuing surge in camper participation is tracking directly with the record RV sales and shipments reported by the RVIA. Vacationing in the outdoors, – particularly camping and RV travel – has become the hottest travel trend in 2021. Even prior to COVID shutdowns, the industry was experiencing rapid growth in participation; and the pandemic has super charged this cycle.

“Tools like our new Campground Virtual Tours are Camping Today 26 September 2021 quickly gaining favor as more tech-savvy travellers seek out lesser-known campgrounds,” said Mark Koep, Founder and CEO of Laramie-based ”Through 360 video and augmented reality technology, we are improving the camper experience by empowering travelers to see and click to book their next campsite.” is a search engine for discovering the perfect campsite with a focus on visual data. The company launched the new campground virtual tours and has quickly amassed an active tour library equal to 25% of family campgrounds. The company also heads the largest organization of outdoor hospitality professionals in the world, with a goal of improving their operations and expertise to better serve campers.

“In an uncertain world, the outdoor hospitality industry has served as a viable escape for hundreds of millions of travelers around the world,” added Koep. “We expect the industry to continue its record pace well into 2022.” aims to take the mystery out of discovering and booking campgrounds, and become the world’s best resource for falling in love with the outdoors. See it in action at

Keystone RV To Add Solar Power


By: RVBusiness|Published on: Aug 12, 2021 

GOSHEN, Ind. – This fall, Keystone RV will become the first major towable RV manufacturer to offer solar power as standard equipment on all travel trailers and fifth-wheel RVs, the THOR Industries Inc. subsidiary announced today (Aug. 12).

The move was guided by Keystone’s core mission of leveraging consumer insights to quickly bring industry-changing innovation to market, according to a release.

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen demand for solar power skyrocket. As the market continues to expand and groups like Harvest Hosts, Campendium and Hipcamp offer non-traditional camp sites, we expect this trend to accelerate,” said Josh Miller, vice president of sales.

“We saw an opportunity for Keystone to set a much higher bar for comprehensive, affordable, state-of-the-art RV solar energy systems,” said General Manager Matt Christensen, who championed the project.

With the exception of Keystone’s destination trailers, all brands will feature one of four new SolarFlex solar energy packages that scale up in terms of energy collection, charging speed, energy storage, and power availability.  The Keystone Innovation Lab partnered with RV solar energy experts, Future Solutions, to bring a more user-focused solar power solution to the RV industry.

“Because Future Solutions is an independent, hands-on RV solar upfitter, they had the practical knowledge and experience to develop the customer-focused systems we were looking for. With the freedom to pick and choose the best individual components and technologies for owners and dealers, we were able to design a seamless solution with products we trusted,” said Jon Brock, lead innovation engineer at Keystone.

Each of the SolarFlex packages was developed to be easily expandable as campers learn more about how they want to use solar energy. The Keystone website offers expansion ideas and all components can be purchased through authorized Keystone dealers. A set common component across all Keystone brands reduces complexity for dealers and streamlines the installation of aftermarket upgrades.

As a part of the SolarFlex launch, Keystone is rolling out customer education initiatives, dealer sales training via Keystone IGNITE™, dealer service training on Keystone’s Tech’s Digital Toolbox and Key Express, as well as parts ordering and stocking programs.

“This was a massive effort that involved nearly every part of our organization. Engineering, manufacturing, purchasing, quality assurance, customer service, and marketing worked together to create what we believe will be the highest quality, best supported solar power program on the market for years to come,” said Jeff Runels, president and CEO. “Programs like SolarFlex are where the expertise, depth and size of our company really shine.”

 SolarFlex will be launching on Keystone brands through October 2021.

RV Recalls


By: RVBusiness|Published on: Aug 2, 2021

The following is the latest list of RV recalls complied by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA):

  • ShowHauler Trucks Inc. is recalling 44 2018-2020 Garage Coach, Motorhome, and Toter Coach vehicles equipped with Hehr 6400 Series Windows. The adhesive that bonds the vented portion of the window may fail.
  • Newell Coach Corp. is recalling 19 2008-2022 P50 vehicles. The adhesive that bonds the vented portion of the window may fail.
  • Daimler Trucks North America LLC is recalling 449 2022 Freightliner XB Chassis and 2021-2022 Freightliner XC Chassis vehicles equipped with Cummins L9 Diesel Engines that have remote Stage 2 fuel filters and pressurized hoses. A fuel leak may occur from the fuel hose between the fuel pump and the remote fuel filter head.
  • Heartland Recreational Vehicles LLC is recalling 649 2021 North Trail and Mallard recreational trailers. The refrigerator roof vents were not routed properly during production.
  • Shyft Group is recalling 309 2021-2022 Spartan RV Chassis K2 vehicles equipped with Cummins L9 Diesel Engines that have remote Stage 2 fuel filters and pressurized hoses. A fuel leak may occur from the fuel hose between the fuel pump and the remote fuel filter head.
  • Eclipse Recreational Vehicles Inc. is recalling 500 2020-2021 Attitude, Stellar, and Iconic trailers equipped with Dometic S31, R731, and R2131 3-burner cooking stoves. The saddle valve securing bolt may be overtightened, possibly damaging the o-ring seal and causing a continuous

RVC Outdoor Destinations


By: RVBusiness|Published on: Aug 2, 2021

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Garden of the Gods RV Resort in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Medina Highpoint Resort in Medina, Texas, and Pigeon Forge Landing RV Resort in Sevierville, Tennessee were named No. 7, No. 8 and No. 9 Best Luxury RV Resort respectively in the 2021 USA TODAY 10Best Readers’ Choice travel award contest.

The nomination was made by an expert panel with a list of 20 Best Luxury RV Resort nominees for the public to vote for over a four-week time period.

The panel consisted of relevant experts which include a combination of editors from USA TODAY; editors from; relevant expert contributors; and sources for both these media and other Gannett properties. provides users with original, unbiased, and experiential travel content of top attractions, things to see and do, and restaurants for top destinations in the U.S. and around the world. The core of the site’s uniqueness is its team of local travel experts: a well-traveled and well-educated group who are not only experts in their fields — and their cities — but discriminating in their tastes. These local experts live in the city they write about so the content is constantly updated.

“It is an honor to have three resorts from RVC Outdoor Destinations distinguished by USA TODAY 10Best Readers’ Choice,” said Lloyd Lauland, President at RVC Outdoor Destinations. “In a year when more Americans than ever are getting outdoors, camping and taking road trips across our beautiful country, it is an even greater honor to be counted among the best in RV luxury offerings. We look forward to welcoming many more travelers in experiencing the great outdoors.”

About RVC Outdoor Destinations

RVC Outdoor Destinations is the leading outdoor hospitality provider in the country. RVC develops, owns and operates upscale outdoor vacation properties located within some of the country’s most beautiful natural settings, from the Great Smoky Mountains to Yosemite National Park, spanning from California to Pennsylvania. Based in Memphis, Tennessee, RVC was founded in 2006 and features nine family-friendly resorts, spanning nine states in its portfolio. The brand is redefining the conventional camping experience by giving guests a way to experience the outdoors on their own terms. Its wide variety of affordable lodging options, including RV sites, yurts, cabins and cottages, allow guests the freedom to camp with some creature comforts. For more information on RVC Outdoor Destinations, please visit or follow the vacation resort company on social media: Instagram (@rvcoutdoors) and Facebook (@rvcoutdoors).



By: RVBusiness|Published on: Aug 2, 2021

The “Camper Report Show” is a weekly feature of Camper Report, which is part of the RV LIFE family of RVing websites that provide RV forumsRV trip planning tools and mobile apps, and one of the largest campground databases around. Co-hosted by Bob Zagami and John DiPietro – RV industry veterans in their own right – the Camper Report Show has partnered with RVBusiness by providing RV industry insider information – supplied exclusively by RVB.

In this episode of the Camper Report Show, Zagami and DiPietro feature RVSpotDrop, an automated system that finds site openings directly from the campgrounds in the area you need. The two also discuss the growing career opportunities in the RV industry with the president of RV Technical Institute, Curt Hemmeler, and the benefits of correctional trade career paths. 

Subscribe to Camper Report here:



RVBusiness – Breaking RV Industry News

Wingamm, a leading provider of luxury compact RVs in Europe, today (Aug. 5) announced it is bringing one of Europe’s most sought after and innovative motorhomes to the US market to meet the demand of US buyers for more compact and luxurious motorhomes.

The Wingamm Oasi 540 is the first Micro Class RV (vehicles less than 18 feet long that can sleep four people and with a full indoor bathroom) available for sale in the United States, according to a release. Wingamm’s expansion to the US will be through an exclusive distribution deal with TM Motorhome Sales, LLC. Wingamm will be launching with its most compact model, the Oasi 540, and sales will start in California and New Jersey with a planned nationwide expansion.

“My vision has always been to bring my family owned brand of compact European motorhomes to America. We are currently sold in 15 countries throughout Europe and Asia and the US was always the next step on our roadmap. Our plan came together when I met Tony Diamond and the TM Motorhome Sales team about two years ago at our headquarters in Verona, Italy. Tony was very enthusiastic about the changing trends in how Americans want to live and travel and the gap in the compact RV market that Wingamm could fill. It has taken persistence and innovation from our team of amazing engineers and consultants in both Italy and the US to create a Wingamm Oasi 540 for the US market and now it is officially coming to America,” said Lorena Turri, CEO of Wingamm.

In just the last few weeks, as word spread organically that Wingamm’s Oasi 540 (a YouTube sensation with a single video of the motorhome garnering 3.5 million views) is coming to America, the US office has been inundated with over 3,500 phone calls and emails from interested buyers. The waitlist has grown to over  550 buyers and counting. Additionally, over 30 RV dealers including some of America’s largest have been in contact with TM Motorhome Sales seeking to become a Wingamm dealer.

“When we first met with Lorena and her team, we were in development on a tech enabled on-demand RV rental concept called Squirrel – think Lime or Bird Scooter but with RV’s. We had scoured the globe, evaluat- Camping Today 28 September 2021 ing every RV model in the US, Germany, France, UK and Italy, looking for the most compact, luxurious and  technologically advanced motorhome in the world. As soon as we saw the Wingamm Oasi 540, we knew we had found it. From there, the partnership evolved with Lorena and we became the distributor for Wingamm in North America. Our go to market strategy is for Wingamm’s line of motorhomes to be displayed in desirable malls across America alongside other innovative consumer brands like Apple, Tesla, and Peleton. We are launching initially in California (Los Angeles) and in New Jersey with a national rollout by 2023,” says Tony Diamond, Co-Owner of TM Motorhome Sales.

What sets Wingammm and the Oasi 540 apart from all other manufacturers globally is its custom fiberglass monocoque shell. The monocoque shell not only gives the Oasi 540 its distinct sleek and handsome charm, but it allows for innovation in nearly every aspect of the design and functionality, most notably the compact size. Four other standouts of the Wingamm Oasi 540 are its bedroom, bathroom, sewage system and climate control.

“There is already a bit of a frenzy since the news of the Oasi 540 coming to America was announced. To understand the fervor from buyers and dealers alike it’s important to have context for what makes Wingamm so special. A CEO of one of America’s largest RV brands has admitted that Europe is about 15 years ahead of the US in terms of design. But Wingamm is a standalone globally, not just in the US,” says Diamond.

Key Features of the Oasi 540 include:

Size – The Wingamm Oasi 540 is only 17 ‘9 “ long. For context, a standard parking space in the US is 19’ long and most Ford F-150 pick-up trucks are longer. Turri and Diamond believe that all arrows – the Vanlife phenomenon, remote work, the trend toward mobility and experiential living and the high cost of apartments in major cities – point toward living and working from an Oasi 540 as an enticing value proposition. And because of its compact size, you can #vanlife in major cities as well as in nature.

Bed – All US class B motorhomes built inside existing Mercedes Sprinters, Ford Transits and Dodge Promaster cargo vans either have a tent pop top bed or a bed that uses up a large portion of the valuable living space. The Wingamm Oasi 540 does neither. Wingamm’s custom fiberglass monocoque shell allowed their designers and engineers to reimagine the concept of a bed in an RV. By recessing the bed into the ceiling when it is not being used and then elegantly protracting it down when needed, Wingamm created more useable floorplan space for a larger and more functional kitchen, bathroom and dining/living room.

Bathroom – The bathroom leaves nothing to be desired. It is like one found in a hotel – albeit a tad smaller. There is a standing shower, sink and vanity with countertop space, toilet and medicine cabinet with mirror. To have a full bathroom in a motorhome this small is unheard of anywhere in the world.

Sewage System – Wingamm’s innovative cassette sewage system is a game changer. Sewage disposal is a major pain point in the RV industry. Wingamm’s sewage cassette system plugs into the exterior side of the van and when engaged has a catalyst inside that rapidly breaks down the matter into an easily disposable liquid. When full, the cassette can be removed from the side of the van and wheeled like a carry-on suitcase into any bathroom in America where it  can be simply emptied into a toilet and flushed.

Climate Control and Acoustics – The Oasi 540 has radiant floor heating like you would find in the bathroom of a luxury hotel or state-of-the-art home. In both winter and summer, the monocoque shell provides superior insulation because, unlike metal used in all other Class B motorhomes, fiberglass is not a thermal conductor; there is no temperature dispersion from the inside to the outside. The result is unmatched thermal comfort and huge savings in terms of energy consumption. The monocoque cabin, in combination with a proprietary structural sealant, also eliminates the vibrations and frictional noises that plague the drivers of most motorhomes.

To learn more visit,


People tend to go camping to enjoy the peacefulness of nature and take a break from the normal hustle and bustle of life. While most adults are content with doing outdoor recreations and just sitting around enjoying the beautiful scenery, kids on the other hand, can start getting antsy to do things they normally do at home. Instead of supplying them with battery operated and screened devices like phones, iPads and other electronics, you can set them up with Doodle Hog’s wide variety of art supplies and crafting kids. The company makes rock painting kits, friendship bracelet kits, squishy painting kits, sidewalk chalk kits as well as tie dye kits and a wide range of markers and crayons.

To learn more visit.


“Please let everyone know that Coriene Tevis (my mom) will be celebrated her 85th Birthday on August 22. My sister (Jayne Rouse) is organizing a “Birthday Card Shower” for her. Cards can be sent to our mom at: Linn Manor Care Center, % Coriene Tevis, 1140 Elim Dr, Marion IA 52302. Thanks.”……Coriene was active in Iowa and attended many campventions. I always enjoyed catching up with Coriene. Unfortunately, Coriene can no longer join us on the camping trails. Let’s shower her with cards. You can also contact Jeremy at [email protected]


George Duncan. 90, 7-29-21, Edmund, Oklahoma. He and Late wife, Norma were active in Kansas Campers Assn.and Chapters in Emporia, Kansas.

Kathleen Kennedy, 74, 7-30-21, Mableton, Georgia.Served as a nurse in United States Air Force, Played Clarinet in FCRV Band at past Campventions.

Jim Trussler, 96, Greenwood, South Carolina, Long time member. Enjoyed travels with wife, Dot. Attended many Retiree Rallies.

Lucy Marks, 90,8-16-21.. Arnaudville, Louisiana. Late husband, John was one of the well known LA Marks Brothers who provided fun at rallies and campouts for many years.

(916) 955-0048

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Retiree Rally 2022 Frony Page

Mineola Civic Center

March 29 – April 4, 2022.

Campvention 2022 Font Page

Colorado State Fairgrounds

July 10 – 15, 2022