Mission Statement

To share with all campers / RVers, the Family Campers & RVers fun, friendship, fellowship and family feelings of camping together and to promote and enhance the experience and enjoyment of recreational family type camping/ RVing.


To encourage the people of North America and elsewhere to participate in recreational activities which protect, conserve, and defend the natural resources set aside by the Government of the United States, or any other government, for the purpose of conserving the scenery and wildlife unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations.

  • To promote physical fitness, self-reliance, sound camping and hiking skills, an appreciation of nature, and ecological dependence, and obedience to laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the utilization of natural resources on public and private lands by its membership.
  • To carry on educational and charitable purposes directly by application of assets of the Association for such purposes or indirectly by contributing from such assets to the work other persons, trusts, funds, or foundations whose purposes, objectives and/or operations are exclusively educational, literary, historic, or charitable.
  • To provide scholarship assistance to members and their children who intend to pursue studies in wildlife management, conservation, and/or forestry, related studies, and/or all other fields of study.
  • To provide wildlife grant assistance to members who participate in our wildlife protection, and to award grants to other organizations participating in wildlife conservation.