Welcome! From FCRV National President Gerry Pfirsch

Hello Family Campers & RVers,

Thank you for choosing to come to our website.  As you browse our website you will find a lot of information about all the different activities our members enjoy along with a little history about us.  If you are intrigued, hopefully you will take advantage of our trial offer found on the main page of the website.  Come Camp with Us!

While the majority of Family Campers & RVers membership is comprised of camping families, individuals who love to camp and embrace family values are also welcomed.  Our motto is “Where strangers become friends and friends become family.”   Our goal is to provide the camping family and individual with activities that will bring fun and fellowship to each member.

We are a camping organization promoting outdoor activities often in a group setting.  You will find information about conservation, wildlife preservation, disaster awareness and safety, and personal fitness.  The people who work to provide programs and activities for Family Campers are volunteers.  Activities and programs are suitable for youth, teens, and adults.

Hopefully you will find something that stirs your curiosity enough to consider joining our camping family.  I look forward to meeting you around a campfire.

Gerry Pfirsch
National President,
Family Campers & RVers


*H. (Hank) E. Nathan


1961-1962 Grant, John
1962-1963 Herget, Bob
1963-1964 Hicks, Tom
1964-1965 Fowler, Warren
1965-1966 West, Paul
1966-1967 Skinner, Jack
1967-1969 Welsh, J. Patrick
1969-1971 Clugh, Bill
1971-1972 Mallino, Jack Jr.
1972-1974 Weddle, Bill
1974-1976 Woolworth, Don
1976-1978 Messer, Vern
1978-1980 Wagner, Ray
1980-1982 Shields, Ray
1982-1986 DeCabooter, Richard
1986-1988 Harper, Bill
1988-1990 Mayer, Lyndon
1990-1992 Vasut, Joseph
1992-1996 Campbell, Dennis
1996-2000 Turner, Jim
2000-2004 Roop, Larry
2004-2008 Sellers, Eldon
2008-2012 Smye, Jack
2012-2015 Ludwig, Dave
2015-2020 Weber, Shari