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From The President

Well, here we are in the early stages of the Holiday Season. Let me start by wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. May your Thanksgiving be blessed with abundance and fond memories of family. We are entering a slower time of the year, and this allows the office to catch up on the year.

Let me reach out to the new members of FCRV and welcome you to the family. To everyone let me encourage you to continue to invite friends and family to join you on your outings. Membership is up to all of us. My question is:  What can we do to make FCRV better for you as a member and how do we achieve that goal?

I look forward to hearing your answers. Feel free to email them to me.

Gerry Pfirsch
FCRV National President
[email protected]


Since 1949, FCRV has been a friendly organization, welcoming diversity, and the wide range of talents, ideas and abilities each person brings to the campfire. But we need to adapt to the real world, too, and in that light, FCRV has adopted an anti-discrimination policy.  We believe that everyone should be treated equally and respectfully, regardless of whatever characteristics might define the individual, and at the same time, we need to protect the assets and people of the organization.  The adoption of this policy is one small step in doing just that. 

The Trustees have adopted a policy with the approval of our attorney. The 2022 Executive Board voted to approve the same policy which is now in effect and reads as follows:

FCRV values all members as unique individuals and welcomes and celebrates the variety of experiences, talents, and gifts each brings to the organization. FCRV is committed to a camping environment where everyone is afforded the dignity and respect they deserve. No form of harassment or discrimination on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identification, national origin, age, marital status, covered veteran status, disability, pregnancy, or any other basis prohibited by applicable law is permitted. If you see or suspect any violation, or feel you, yourself, are a victim of harassment or discrimination, promptly report it.

This policy will be added to every current and future manual used or developed for use in FCRV.  The 2022 Trustees thank you for your support of this policy. 


Nominating Committee – Here’s your chance to be an FCRV Trustee (officer)!

Nominating Committee – Here’s your chance to be an FCRV Trustee (officer)!

By: Shari Weber – Chairman, Nominating Committee

Nominations are being accepted for one half of Trustees (nationally elected officers) who will govern the operations of the Family Campers & RVers (FCRV) during the 2023/2025 term of office.

International President, Gerry Pfirsch has established a nominating committee of which I am the chair to find and vet suitable candidates for election. The deadline for nominations is January 15, 2023.

The positions to be elected are Vice President Operations, Vice President Planning and Development, and Comptroller.


Any FCRV member in good standing is eligible for nomination consideration. Please immediately contact your respective State/Provincial Director, any member of the nominating committee, or me if you are interested in any of these offices (or can suggest a person whom we should seek).

Once a nomination slate has been selected by the nominating committee, each candidate will complete a resume and platform which will be published in the March 2023 issue of “Camping Today”.  Ballots for a contested election will be distributed at the beginning of March with the deadline for voting as April 15, 2023.  If you cannot participate in electronic balloting and will not be at your membership residence on file with the office, absentee ballots must be requested by January 15, 2023 indicating the alternate address.  Make your request for an absentee ballot to Pat or Carl at the national office 716-668-6242 or by email [email protected].

Commercial Task Force

Commercial Task Force

By: Amy Decamp

Hello, campers…

Your help is needed. 😊

Building a strong and ever-growing commercial member base has been a challenge for FCRV for well over a decade. While we are by no means alone in this struggle, we have several advantages many other non-profits do not: A 73-year organizational foundation to build upon; a consistent mission of wildlife preservation and environmental conservation that spans all demographics; and an energized, international member network.

Both current and prospective commercial members have different needs and priorities. To increase and retain financial sponsors, we must establish membership tiers that meet members’ needs and help appropriately fund our organization. They must also reflect today’s marketing desires and strategies, which the current levels do not. 

Our FCRV website now lists the commercial membership tiers as “Under Construction.” Here are the previous tiers for review:

Offering members varying levels of benefits with each tier gives current and prospective members more options to meet their needs, while also staying within their budget. This, in turn, boosts membership renewals.

How may you help? Creative minds are needed to aid in the development of our new tier strategy. As consumers, we ALL have marketing experience and opinions, especially when it comes to RVs, camping products, supplies, and campgrounds. Please strongly consider joining our Commercial Task Force and lending a hand in this endeavor. You may send your questions and/or desire to participate to [email protected]. Thank you!

What’s In It For Me?

What’s In It For Me?

By: Beth Standiford

Many times, when we are out camping, we introduce people to FCRV, and sometimes they ask,

“What’s in it for me?” There are as many answers to that as there are campers. Camping with a group provides security, comradery, assistance with a problem, and  it increases our social circle. People join a group for social interaction, and this is further increased when we find people of similar attitudes and personalities. People may join for the group activity. They may form a group who enjoy the same social interests or hobbies. Another reason may be to achieve a common goal. Some goals cannot be achieved alone, and others may find they are attracted to what another is trying to achieve. It is also said that opposites attract. Sometimes people are looking for a fresh outlook. Sometimes people join because it may provide other benefits, such as a source of contacts to further their own interests.

So, What DO we get from camping?

  1. A chance to unplug. Yeah, we all love our technology, but once in a while we need to let it go. Stop trying to have Google solve every problem we have. Your smart devices cannot smell as good as a forest can. You breathe a little deeper when you’re in nature and that feeds your brain with something you can’t get from your phone or tablet.
  2. Camping builds and strengthens social bonds. As you talk with people, you learn about their experiences, vulnerabilities, mishaps, and moments of joy. This enriches your life as well.
  3. Nothing beats a campfire. It really inspires conversation. Some deep and soulful thoughts, perhaps some that even your family are not aware. 
  4. Not to take everything for granted. Get caught in the rain, without power, and you may have to rely on basic survival actions just to make a cup of hot coffee or soup. It gives you a new appreciation for the conveniences you do have.
  5. Reminds us our time on earth is limited. It helps us see what and who is important and guides us to make memories now so you have something wonderful to look back upon. 
  6. Living in the moment is GOOD. Yes, you may get dirty and smelly. Yes, sometimes the closest potty is that bush on your left. 
  7. Sometimes being uncomfortable is good for you. Discomfort helps us grow. Remember, just because you have a pain, doesn’t mean you need to be one. Change the discomfort you can (the rock in your shoe), and accept the one you can’t (cold rain). 
  8. Simplify. They’re called essentials for a reason. Your ancestors survived daily off the land. Fishing, foraging, creating their own shelter. It’ll give you a new appreciation for the comforts of home and instill you with a new respect for being resilient. . 
  9. 1 + 1 = more than 2. If you’ve ever had to “do it all” yourself, you can appreciate that helping hand that comes from someone else who shares the burden.

10.Camping shows you that there’s more to life than just stuff.

Don’t just make a living. Make a life.

Camping Today/Social Media Forms

Camping Today/Social Media Forms

By: Barb Turner

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In addition to Camping Today, submissions other than the articles are placed in queue for  sharing on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.  After research and recommendations, promotion and publicity of FCRV and our activities via these formats will enhance our exposure, both to our members and the RV world.  From the beginning, NCHA/FCRV has been referred to as ‘the best-kept secret’.  Survival in the modern world won’t happen as the ‘best-kept secret’.  Let’s shout that we are here!  We are ‘happening’!  And, we welcome all campers & RVers!

If you have any questions submitting material, contact [email protected]

FCRV Health Guidelines

Hey Happy Campers! (And you Grumpy Campers, too!)

Your Trustees have been very busy this winter and I wanted to share some important news with you.  

Last May, Camping Today, published some information for you regarding COVID and how FCRV wanted to handle all the differing viewpoints and widely variant information on staying safe at Campvention.  In this ever-changing world, the Trustees want you to know we are still concerned about the many variants that seem to be popping up as well as “hot spots” of disease and how we can keep our campers safe without coming on too strongly. 

That being said, the article printed in the May issue covering meeting and social gatherings has been completely revamped.   It has been replaced with kinder, gentler, but no less effective, health guidelines. So please take a look at our new FCRV Health Guidelines and stay safe out there!


These are simply guidelines and as such supplementand do not replace—any state, provincial, local, territorial, or tribal health and safety laws, rules, and regulations that govern any meeting or social gathering.   

We recommend campers and their guests are up to date with vaccinations and immunizations and carry this information on a medical card as well as showing all current medications, medical conditions, and allergies that emergency medical personnel may need to know. 

Have a mask available to use for your protection and the protection of others as they can be used for more than deterring COVID.  

Use common sense in protecting yourself and others.  

Official CDC Guidelines change quickly so be aware of the local conditions and be prepared to adapt to them.

Vaccinated?  No mask may be necessary.     Unvaccinated?  Mask is recommended. 

Event coordinators will announce if local conditions change, requiring adjustments to these statements. 

Help Wanted (Open Volunteer Positions)

FCRV needs your help.  Please consider filling one of these positions.  They are very important to the operation of FCRV. Contact VP Ops – Jeff Kendle, or Immediate Past President – Shari Weber for details.

Volunteers are needed for the following National Positions:


Membership Director – Reports to Vice-President Planning & Development and is a member of the Advisory Council.  Primarily responsible for the growth and retention of membership.  Field Manual job description is currently under review and subject to change.


Commercial Director – Reports to Vice-President Planning & Development and is a member of the Advisory Council. Main responsibility is the development and retention of commercial membership/accounts. Field Manual job description is currently under review and subject to change.


Youth Director – Reports to Vice-President Programs and is a member of the Advisory Council.  Works for the betterment of future youth programs in FCRV.   Field Manual job description is currently under review and subject to change.


State/Provincial Directors for Maryland, DC, Ohio and Connecticut – Reports to their Regional Director and is a member of the Advisory Council.  Position is to administer and coordinate the activities of the State/Providence in the areas of membership and National programs at their level.  Maintain current membership list for said State/Providence.  Appoint Field Director(s).  Keep Regional Director apprised of chapters status.  Approve constitution/bylaws, promote FCRV and State/Provincial activities, submit reports to Regional Director, hold meetings with field staff.  Field Manual job description is currently under review and subject to change.


Communication & Security Director – Reports to the Vice President Planning & Development and is a member of the Advisory Council. Communication to be used for FCRV Campventions and Retiree Rallies.  Integration of electronic communication into a balanced communications system.  Responsible for electronic (walkie-talkies) equipment.  Field Manual job description is currently under review and subject to change.


Conservation Director – Reports to the Vice President of Programs and is a voting member of the Executive Board.  Conservation is at the heart of FCRV.  Maintain existing program guidelines and formulate new as needed.  Maintain records of the program.  Field Manual job description is currently under review and subject to change.

Veterans – Reports to the Vice President Programs and is a member of the Advisory Council. Show support FCRV members who are Veterans, conduct or arrange for, informational seminars featuring other Veterans and promote information about FCRV Veterans about activities and opportunities for them. Field Manual job description is currently under review and subject to change.


Travalong Director – Reports to the Immediate Past President and is a member of the Advisory Council. Program is designed to help travelers enjoy group-planned activities and help members and non-members learn about areas of travel and who to contact for information. Establish Travalongs with at least one to coincide with National Campvention.  Field Manual job description is currently under review and subject to change.


Region 5 Director – Reports to the Vice President of Operations and is a voting member of the Executive Board.  Represent FCRV in the region, assist State Directors in the region and provide coordination of administration between the States and the Vice President of Operations. Recommend appointments and/or releases of State Directors to the Vice President of Operations. Coordinate activities between the various States in the region. Act as the State Director in those States that have none. Within the region, administer National bylaws, Constitution, regulations, policies and directives.


Volunteer Background Records Custodian – Member of the Advisory Council Reporting to the Vice President Programs. This position receives permission forms from volunteers working with teens or youth to run a background check. Full job responsibilities are in the field manual. Field Manual job description is currently under review and subject to change. 

Campers Actively Moving Program (C.A.M.P.)

Campers Actively Moving Program (C.A.M.P.)

By: Dick & Kathy Buresh, C.A.M.P. Directors

We are pleased to inform everybody that we are adding 7 new C.A.M.P. activities. These additions are effective immediately.

  • Bean Bag Baseball – 50-cent certificate for each game
  • Cornhole – 50-cent certificate for each game
  • Bocce Ball – 50-cent certificate for each game
  • Horseshoe – 50-cent certificate for each game
  • Kubb – 50-cent certificate for each game
  • Washer Toss – 50-cent certificate for each game
  • Ladder Golf – 50-cent certificate for each game

Family Campers and RVers members may earn Campers Actively Moving Program merchandise certificates for completing Campers Actively Moving Program activities. A Family Campers and RVers member can apply for only one Campers Actively Moving Program merchandise certificate for each activity completed and will be awarded according to the guidelines for each activity. Those guidelines are listed under Activity Guidelines.

Each Campers Actively Moving Program merchandise certificate can be redeemed for Family Campers and RV’ers merchandise from Family Campers and RVers or from a cooperating Family Campers and RVers merchandise vendor. The certificate can also be redeemed as part of the International Campvention fees. There is currently no limit on how many you may redeem at a time, and this includes other Program merchandise certificates as well.

The C.A.M.P. Activity Guidelines page on the website is at https://fcrv.org/progr…/national-programs/c-a-m-p-program/ which includes the link to the form to redeem the certificates. The page is in the process of being updated.

Retiree Really 2023 – Dothan, Alabama

Your Hosts Of The 2023 International Retiree Rally!

By: Ron & Reba Ray

5 months and counting until the 2023 International Retiree Rally.  We are making plans for all who can come.  We need those registrations in order to plan for the meals, etc.

The Rally is March 28-April 2.  This means the rally will start on Tuesday (March 28), and you will need to depart on Sunday (April 2).  You will still get your 6 nights of camping as Monday night will be a paid night for you.  We are doing this because we want to have the International Parade on Saturday night because so many people miss this when they leave on Sunday.  We want everyone to see what it is really like to end the rally with a bang. It will be an eventful evening.

On Sunday, April 2, we will have a church service before we leave.  Make sure you plan for that.

Please bring door prizes, as it is fun to see that everyone gets one. 

If your state or province is planning on running a King & Queen, please get your information in to Leon & LaNelle Ishmael.  If you need information or registrations for this, they will have that for you.  This information will need to be in by mid-January which is the deadline for registrations.

We are planning on 3 nights of entertainment along with the home-grown FCRV Variety Show.  So, if you like to sing or have a skit you would like to do, please get with George Walters so he can get it all together.  After the first of the year, I will put the entertainers in Camping Today.

We can always use volunteers with all committees.  If you come and see that you would like to help, get in touch with me and I will find you a job; well, not really a job.  It is fun to work on committees, as you meet so many new people and reacquaint yourself with old friends.   Then the next year ,you will have another friend to greet.  This is a way to get to know everyone.

If anyone has questions about the FCRV Retiree Rally or any question in general, please give me a call, and I will help you anyway I can.  You can contact Reba at: [email protected].

Again, we are gearing up for this rally and are looking forward to seeing everyone in 2023.

Safe Travels to you all.  Ron & Reba Ray

FCRV International Retiree King & Queen Info

By: Leon & LaNelle Ishmael, King & Queen Coordinators

The clock is ticking down. The 2023 Retiree rally will be here before we know it. Time to think about who will be the next
king and queen to represent FCRV.

You do not have to be nominated by a retiree chapter. The nomination can come from your provincial or state organization.

The next step would be to contact us for an application form and information about the do’s and don’ts of your campaign.  Prepare a letter of introduction, telling us about yourselves and your involvement with FCRV that will be read at the rally.

You will want to host a hospitality during the rally. Your state or province will help you with that.  The only requirement for the elected couple is that they return to the retiree rally the following year to relinquish the crowns.

Looking forward to hearing from you.  [email protected]

Retiree Rally Variety Show

By: George Walters, Variety Show Chairperson

Hi all!

We are planning once again to present the  Retiree Rally Variety Show.  The stars of the show are our own FCRV Campers.  Of course, there are many activities and events at any FCRV Rally, and we all have to budget our time, but we want to make this year’s Variety Show the one event you don’t want to miss.  This won’t happen without our wonderful campers participating. I hope that includes YOU! 

Please remember that this is not a contest, but a chance to see your fellow campers in a different light. Many of our member campers have talents that we don’t often get to enjoy. AND IT’S A LOT OF FUN!

So, if you sing, tell a funny (clean) story or joke, put together a skit, dance group (maybe a coordinated line-dance?) or anything else I didn’t think of, get it together and let’s have some fun! Now is the time to talk to your friends about putting together one of these entries.

Sign-up sheets will be available at the Registration Area when you arrive in Dothan.  Now is the time to plan for the Variety Show, and this can be the highlight of the 51st Retiree Rally in Dothan, Alabama.  Will we see you there?  As my dad always said, “I certainly hope so”.

Do you have an idea or do you want to help, please contact me at [email protected].

Door Prizes

By: Pat Crow, Door Prizes Chair

Door Prizes.  We all like to receive them. The Retiree Rally never disappoints in this category. It is not too early to be thinking about what you will bring. Please provide a door prize that you, yourself, would be happy to receive. Thank you; looking forward to fun in Dothan, Alabama in March.

Retiree Games At The 51st Rally In Dothan, Alabama

By: Shari & Craig Weber, Games Chairs

Are you planning to get “Nutty” with the “Nutty Campers” and come to the peanut grounds in Dothan?  Get your game on! Or, just come and have some fun. This month I thought I would explain Frog Races.

There are two rows of chairs for 6 people in each row to sit. One row is the anchor row, and the other is the racer. The wooden frogs are on a string tied to the anchor chair. The person in the racing chair opposite the anchor chair holds the other end of the string. When the race starts, the racer will begin pulling on the string to make his frog hop. The first frog to cross the finish line wins! With 6 positions, we will hold as many heats as necessary to allow all to play, then let winners play until we have the final winner. A racer must make sure his frog knows which direction to hop as they sometimes want to go backward!

Remember, if we are going to play corn hole, we need you to bring your corn hole game boards and bags. Check the schedule for time and place at the rally. If the boards are out at your site, you just might get drop-in players.

Anyone interested in helping with a particular game or just in general, please send a message to us at [email protected].

FCRV Retiree Rally Flea Market

By: Richard & Frances Jackson,  Flea Market Chairs

Don’t go ‘nuts’ getting ready for the 2023 Retiree Rally Flea Market!  Start now to gather unused items or crafting items to sell! Flea market booth space will be free.

Visit Eufaula, Alabama In March

By: Barb Turner, Publicity Chair

When attending the FCRV International Retiree Rally 2023 in Dothan, Alabama, visiting Eufaula, about 50 miles north of the rally site, can be added to your sightseeing list. Eufaula lies on the Alabama/Georgia state line on the shores of the Walter F. George Lake, widely known as Lake Eufaula and as the ‘Bass Capital of the World’. Be sure to visit Manny, the 12-foot-tall fish, a 12-foot-tall statue of a Largemouth Bass, on East Broad Street. “The statue is named Manny after lure-maker Tom Mann in honor of his contributions to bass fishing around the globe.” Try ‘wetting a line’ in Lake Eufaula.

The Creek Indians signed the Treaty of Cusseta in 1832, giving up most of their land east of the Mississippi River and opening the region open to settlement. William Irwin purchased most of the land in this area which was known as Irwinton. But as it grew, the name was changed to Eufaula after the Native American tribe that had lived in the area. Eufaula has a rich history that can be discovered on your visit around the Retiree Rally.

So, mansions interest you? Experience the 2023 Eufaula Pilgrimage, March 31 – April 2, 2023!  “Eufaula boasts more than 700 structures listed on the National Historic Register in the Seth Lore & Irwinton Historic District area. The city’s main street, Eufaula Avenue, lined with dogwood, magnolias and oaks, is flanked by antebellum mansions that ‘rise like ornate wedding cakes’, as described by Alabama Tourism Director Lee Sentell, author of  The Best of Alabama.”  Wikipedia says, “the district includes Alabama’s most extensive collection of intact mid-to-late 19th century small town commercial buildings, as well as the state’s most extensive collection of domestic Italianate architecture.”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b943aRmeIDc  will prepare you for your visit.

Classic Revival Shorter Mansion, 340 N Eufaula Ave, (www.eufaulapilgrimage.com)  is open Monday through Saturday from 10 AM – 4 PM with an admission of $5 per person. Shorter Mansion is a two-story masonry structure built in 1884 by Eli Sims Shorter, but it burned in 1900. The mansion you will visit was built in 1906. Eli Sims Shorter only lived in the house till 1908 when he died. His widow resided there till 1927. It passed down through the family till it was purchased by the Eufaula Heritage Association at auction in 1966.

Perhaps Fendall Hall,  917 W Barbour St, (www.fendallhall.weebly.com), known for its elaborate murals, will interest you. Fendall Hall was built by Edward & Anna Young in 1860 and has been home to five generations of the Young family. “The Italianate house contains elaborate and rare interior decorative painting dating from the 1880s, complemented by the striking black & white marble floor entry.” Tours are available Monday through Saturday from 10 AM until 4 PM with an admission of $7 for adults; $5 for military.

Perhaps a strange site to visit might be the Fairview Cemetery, situated on a bluff overlooking the river. It contains information from statues and tombstones of many who shaped the history or Eufaula, and it is home to hundreds of different plant, flower, and tree species.

More sightseeing suggestions will be shared in upcoming issues to add to your ‘to-do’ list when you go to the 2023 FCRV

Campvention 2023 – Richmond, Indiana

FCRV Campvention 2023 Info

By: Beth Muschinski, FCRV Registration Chairman 2023 FCRV Campvention

My husband and I just spent the weekend at the Wayne County Fairgrounds in Richmond, IN with numerous other 2023 Campvention team members.  It was COLD!!!  Now you have to understand, your Registration contact (me) is from MS so when temps are in the 50’s-60’s and the wind is blowing, I get cold!!!  Don’t listen to those Yankees that attended saying it wasn’t!  I was glad to get home to 65º at 11pm and the heat of the next days.  Unfortunately, Indiana was just a preview of what MS would have soon.

Enough of that.  The fairgrounds are amazing!!!  We will have the entire area for our Campvention.  There are 915 campsites!!!  Bring your friends!!!  We will have plenty of buildings for activities, and they are all climate-controlled.  The bathrooms are wonderfully clean and spacious.  There are grassy areas galore for outdoor games.   The buildings were in the process of being painted last weekend so everything looks clean and modern and welcoming.

Richmond has a wide variety of activities and places to visit.  If you’ve been to an FCRV Campvention previously, you will remember that the schedule is jam packed with games, crafts, seminars, etc., but don’t forget to take time out to visit our host city.  Remember, the fairgrounds are open a couple days before Campvention begins so that may be a good time to sightsee in the area.

We spent the weekend planning activities for specific buildings and areas.  We scoped out the camping areas.  We ate.  We played games.  We ate.  We spent time around the campfire.  We ate. 

I am so excited for the 2023 Campvention after seeing the grounds.  I cannot wait for July to get here (I am not a fan of winter no matter where I live, anyway, so summer can’t get here fast enough).

There is 30-amp electric for all campsites, but water is far and few between.  Bring extension cords for the electric and “y” connectors for the water.  Better yet, bring multi-hose connectors for the water hook-up.  You will also need extra hoses.  Having electric and water at a Campvention is a real treat!  Back in the “old days” – like the 1990’s and earlier – electric and water were not even available for the week of Campvention.  Who cared?  Nobody!!  We were seldom in the trailers anyway, except to sleep.  The fellowship and activities are the best way to spend the time!!

By the time you see this article, the discounted registration will be only available for another 4-5 weeks.  Send in your money NOW!!  The 2023 Campvention will be here sooner than you think, and it will be a fantastic and fun week.  I get daily post office updates as to what is in my mailbox, and I am checking it every morning.  I am always excited to see that another registration will be delivered to me.  Keep them coming!!!


By: Craig Weber, FRCV International Band Director

This is a special notice to all of you who will be attending Campvention for the first time in Richmond, Indiana this summer. FCRV has a volunteer band that plays one evening at Campvention. We welcome anyone who would like to be part of a fun group and be part of Campvention. We practice four or five times before we play, and we try to keep the music simple.

Here’s what you get as an FCRV International Band Member:

  1. Exclusive FCRV International Band tuxedo t-shirt
  2. The enjoyment of meeting new people
  3. FCRV International Band Member badge and year tab
  4. Pizza party for you and your family before the Concert.

If you play an instrument and would like to be a part of the FCRV International Band just dust off your instrument, blow in it to get the dead critters out, and keep your eyes peeled for more information. Music will be made available in May so that you can get in some extra practice.

Dancing Through the Decades

By: Jill & Scott Serbousek, Entertainment Chairs

We are still deciding which entertainers to book for which night in July, but we do know one thing – there will be a themed dance for all with the theme ‘Dancing Through the Decades’. We hope to book a band that can cover all of our favorite songs from the 1950’s to the 2020’s. Start planning your outfits now. We’d love to see everyone come dressed up in the style of ‘their’ decade – for example: the decade you attended prom, got married, OR just your favorite decade. You can dress up in fancy gowns and suits or dress down in your rolled up jeans and white t-shirts. This dance is for all ages; so, dress up your whole family, and we’ll see you there. Stay tuned for more details to come.

Special Adult Activity

By: Craig Weber

The Adult Activity Chairpersons for Campvention 2023 in Richmond, IN are looking to bring back the adult bowling event. We have found a bowling alley in Richmond that does two hours of bowling, one pizza and one two-liter bottle of pop for 6 people per lane, including shoes. The more lanes we fill, the lower the cost. If we can fill 5 lanes (30 people), the cost is about $12 per person. The cost  will go down as we fill more lanes. In order to make this happen, we need to make reservations way ahead of time. This event will be open to anyone 18 or older.  We are also going to be working with the teens to find babysitters for those with younger children. At this time the committee is trying to gauge interest. If you are interested in this event, please email YES to Craig Weber at [email protected] before January 10th. Look forward to hearing from everyone. Thank you.

Chocolate Trail – Richmond, IN

By: Barb Turner, Campvention 2023 Publicity Chair

Chocolate and FCRV Campvention 2023 Together!  Really?  Most definitely!

Attendees to Campvention 2023 in Richmond, Indiana in July are in for a treat, a chocolate treat via the Chocolate Trail which includes 15 stops offering free chocolate samples or gifts!!  And, it’s FREE!  To receive your free chocolate samples or gifts, you MUST have a Chocolate Passport!  No passport; no samples!!  (One sample per person, per passport. No passport, no free samples.)

Start your trail adventure at the Old National Road Welcome Center, 5701 National Rd E where you’ll pick up your official chocolate passport.  Monday – Saturday 8:30 am – 5 pm  If you don’t visit during operating hours, there is a 24-hour information foyer with passports available inside.  The passport contains the names of the businesses participating, including location, hours, and what you’ll receive. 

Or……visit https://www.visitrichmond.org/visitors/suggested-itineraries/chocolate-trail where you can sign up for the NEW digital Chocolate Trail Pass!  The Chocolate Trail pass is free and instantly delivered to you via email and text. There is no app to download, and the pass is always easily accessible! And, according to this link, there are prizes for checking in at the businesses.  “Check into 5 merchants to earn a Certified Chocolate Lover vinyl decal.    After visiting 12 merchants, receive a Certified Chocolate Lover t-shirt and be featured on our social media as a Certified Chocolate Trail Lover.”

Visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCN_jLLBtbg&t=114s  ‘Travel: Discovering Chocolate and More in Richmond, Indiana’

Get registered for FCRV Campvention 2023, the 63rd Campvention.  Take advantage of the special and save: PAY BEFORE DECEMBER 31ST, 2022 TO RECEIVE A $25 DISCOUNT ($310.00)”  https://fcrv.org/campvention-2023/   Richmond, Indiana and Chocolate!  Yummy!


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North Dakota FCRVers present National FCRV Wildlife Refuge Grant Award

North Dakota FCRVers present National FCRV Wildlife Refuge Grant Award — And are treated to special breakfast show

By: JeAnne Selby, Region 3 Regional Director

I didn’t realize, when Bismarck (ND) Zoo Director Terry Lincoln suggested we stop by the Zoo with our National FCRV wildlife refuge grant award at 10:30 a.m., what a treat he had in store for us!  That specific time of day is feeding time for the nine endangered African Black Penguins, beneficiaries of the 2022 wildlife grant award.

What a show!  The 10- or 15-minute “show” definitely overshadowed the financial award we had brought to the Zoo!  As Zookeeper Isaac Bergfalk fed the nine formally-attired residents, he carefully monitored and recorded who had been served and who was still entitled to his second helping of fish.  The penguins’ attractive formal dress — and most had recently acquired shiny new black jackets — did not coincide with their mealtime table manners, creating a challenge for Bergfalk!  Each of the nine male penguins wore an armband with his name clearly inscribed on it, but the obvious identification didn’t inhibit their pushing or cutting the buffet line!   Zoo Director Lincoln provided a running commentary as we observed the breakfast service; he also answered many questions from our assembled group of ND/SD State Director Sherry McGuire, Jamestown, and her fellow Roaming Buffalo FCRV club members, all spending the September 16 – 18 weekend at General Sibley Park in south Bismarck.

We all snapped many informal photos of the honored breakfast guests, but eventually got around to capturing the “obligatory formal shot” of Lincoln, McGuire and myself for publication in the Bismarck Tribune, the local daily newspaper, Camping Today, national FCRV social media platforms, and the Dakota Camper, the state newsletter.

The amount of the national Wildlife Refuge grant award to the Dakota Zoo was $750.  Lincoln said the award money will be used to provide medications and daily vitamins for the nine African Black Penguins that the Zoo welcomed in September 2021.

The grant proposal was submitted last May by JeAnne Selby, Bismarck Roughrider FCRV Club Member and Region 3 Regional Director.  Lincoln provided an accompanying letter of concurrence with the application.  The Bismarck Zoo award

Dear RV

Hi there everyone, we are introducing a new article in Camping Today. We would like to welcome you to Dear RV. This is a place where you can ask the questions that you are hesitant to ask members of your Chapter, State, or your Neighbor. Your questions will be answered from our point of view, and it will hopefully give you a chuckle as well as some useful information to help you in your RVing experience. You may not agree completely with all our answers, but our goal is to give honest information to you as to how we do our RVing. We would prefer to not know who is submitting the question. So, send us your questions and we will send you an answer (possibly that you were not expecting) but an answer, just the same and possibly with a small dose of humor for good measure.

Us here at Dear RV!

Dear RV,

Recently, I purchased a used travel trailer with a large slideout. It’s all in pretty good shape, but I worry about the slide. What do I do if it doesn’t come back in? Can I tow it that way? Do I just leave it? Will the campground let me just park it there till I can get it fixed? Can it be manually pushed back in? What do you think?

Dear Slideout

You should always first check your owner’s manual. This will give you the necessary steps for what to do in this scenario. Keep in mind that a rig with a slideout was never intended for travel with the slide out! Doing this would exert stresses on the body that the trailer was never built to handle. It also would pose a collision risk with other vehicles and that would endanger you and other travelers. Your owner’s manual will give you the necessary steps to manually close the slides. I would also recommend that you do preventive maintenance on your slide, like lube the moving parts. This is also covered in your owner’s manual. Bottom line: check out your owner’s manual and know the steps recommended for your rig as every rig is different.   

Thanks for asking Dear RV

Dear RV,

What is the proper amount of time to give a fellow camper at the dump to finish? 5 minutes? 10 minutes?
Asking for a friend….(or impatient spouse).
Patiently awaiting your response. 🙂

Dear Patiently Waiting, 

I learned a long time ago that how long a minute is, depends on which side of the bathroom door you are on.  

You don’t give me a lot of information to go on, but, will try to answer your question.

It’s not the kind of job people walk up and volunteer to help a stranger handle, so consider this: maybe they are having mechanical issues, have more than one tank, are elderly, or have physical impairments, might be new to this unit.  It may be the last flush of the season and therefore may take a while. Lots of reasons why it takes longer than the seasoned pro you have become.  The bottom line is: it takes as long as it takes, no matter who’s doing it.  If you are really pressed for time, is there another station you can use?  What about one at a fuel station or big box camping store?

Thanks for writing to Dear RV. 

Thanks for writing Dear RV. Keep sending in your questions, and we will give you our answers, like them or not. We would like to let you know that we will be taking December off here at Dear RV but will be holding over your questions for January and in the New Year. We enjoy hearing your questions, and l search out the answer that we give. Again, you may not like our answer because we will have fun giving our opinion at the time. So let us say Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year! We will see you in 2023!

Happy Holidays from Dear RV

Contact Information

Contact Information

By: Joe Boswell, DASAT Director

When a disaster happens, do you have all the contact information you will need handy? In most cases, this is a true statement. Think for a moment: who do you call, what is their phone number, the electric is out, a plumber is needed, what is the name of your doctor and the phone number.  The list of contact information you need just gets bigger and bigger. The disaster has struck: who do you contact first, family members, what are their work numbers, what are the home phone/cell numbers; all of this suddenly becomes important. Do you have the insurance policy number for your automobile, house insurance, and RV insurance policy information? So let us move forward with some ideas and suggestions to make this process easier.

You may have all this information in your cell phone. Ok, great idea, but can anyone else access this information? Think about it. Can you access your spouse’s phone? How about the phone that your kids are carrying? Many times, when the phone is off, to get to the information in the phone you need a password. In an emergency, this may not be available to you as quickly as you need it.

So, let’s address this in several ways. First, make a paper copy of all the necessary information you might need in an emergency. You need to have contact phone/cell numbers of your family members, which includes work, and home numbers. Your brother or sister’s contact information is also helpful. If you have children, no matter what their ages, do you have the school phone numbers handy, the college numbers, and the cell phone contact and child release information?  If you have a child(ren) in school, do you have a release individual listed on file that will allow someone else beyond a family member to transport or pick up the child(ren) from school?

Insurance information, you may need each family member’s social security number, the name and company of your health insurance along with policy numbers in case you need medical care or they need care. This should include all of your doctor’s information, phone numbers and contact information. You may need the phone numbers of your local hospital, too.  In an emergency, having additional medical information and a list of the medications one takes is always important prior to seeking medical care.

Take the time at least twice a year to review this information and update it as needed because phone numbers and medications do change. In an emergency, you do not want to have outdated information; this will only make things much harder especially when you are seeking help.

Sounds simple enough. Now, make sure you make several copies of this information. Each responsible member of the household should have a copy and know where it is stored. You may even want to place it in your purse or wallet for safekeeping and quick access in an emergency.  In some instances, it may be useful to have this information posted close to your home phone, if you still have a landline available. This way you have it handy and ready when needed. If you are traveling, how about putting this same information in a clear sleeve or envelope. Then attach it to the inside of a cabinet in your RV closest to the door; that way you can grab it and go when needed. Remember you need the same information for your traveling pet, as they are part of your family. Taking this a step further, place your paper copy of this important information in a plastic bag or waterproof container. Mark it clearly- “Emergency Contact Information” so all can locate it quickly and react as necessary.       

Have a plan for both your home and your RV as it may make all the difference. Your plan should include who is going to call whom and an evacuation plan that should be a part of your preparedness, as you may have to evacuate your location. If you are still working, ask yourself, what are the emergency procedures for your company or school.  Know where your child(ren) and other family members may be and where you are going to meet up with them once the emergency has passed. During an emergency is not the time to plan. Planning and reviewing your plan several times a year is well worth it as it could save a life. It never hurts to be prepared. Having what you need, being able to get it quickly is essential. To help you, consider making a list of contact data for all family members, list the names of the school and the contact information for each child in the family, (remember your college students) and other important family information, which includes HMO/Insurance  Policies, etc… The more you have the better and faster services are available to you. So, make a list of this information, make your copies, share it with family members; now you are better prepared for the unexpected.

Solar Eclipse – April 8th 2024

Solar Eclipse – April 8th 2024

By: Beth Standiford

Hey Campers!  Not since 2017 have you had an opportunity like the one coming in April of 2024.  We all know what an ordeal it is to get campsites now so here’s your chance to REALLY plan ahead!.

A total solar eclipse will be visible April 8, 2024 so start planning NOW!  

Here’s a link to where you will be able to see it.  https://nationaleclipse.com/cities_total.html

Check out the campgrounds in the path near you!