FCRV Programs and Program Contacts

Adult Activities

FCRV’s Adult Activities Program helps facilitate the integration of various groups of adults within the organization.  Whether you are a 20 or 90, single or married, the Adult Activities Program strives to help teens integrate into an active adult membership, keep retirees active with growing generations, and adults of all ages and background enjoying each other’s camaraderie through a wide range of games, sports, and activities planned at campouts and other FCRV gatherings.

National Adult Activities Directors – Robert & Karen Snodgrass
Email – [email protected]

Ambassador Club

The purpose of this program is to recognize and reward members who get actively involved in building membership by recruiting new members.

National Membership Directors

C.A.M.P. Program

Family Campers and RVers “Campers Actively Moving” Program is designed for campers who travel without use of motorized vehicles (exception; motorized wheelchairs).

National C.A.M.P. Directors – Kathy & Dick Buresh
Email – [email protected]

Conservation Program

At the heart of the FCRV, Conservation is a program designed for local chapters to correct environmental problems in their own areas.

National Conservation Director – Mary Lehnerd
Email – [email protected]

D.A.S.A.T. Program

The purpose of the Disaster and Safety Awareness Training Program (DASAT) is to provide FCRV members with knowledge and training to cope with a variety of disasters on widespread or personal levels.

National DASAT Director – Joe Boswell
Email – [email protected]

Historian Program

The Family Campers & Rvers Historian Program encourages all chapters to keep and maintain a history of their chapter’s activities, events, awards, etc. through pictures, newspaper articles, and other forms of media, in the form of a Scrapbook for each year’s activities.

Historian Directors – Don & Shirley MacKenzie
Email – [email protected]

Retiree Program

The Retiree program is for all FCRV members who have ever retired from any job and only one of the couple needs to be retired.

National Retiree Directors – Ron & Reba Ray
Email – [email protected]

Scholarship Program

Scholarships are available for an FCRV Member or their dependent children planning to enroll or currently enrolled in an undergraduate program.

National Scholarship Directors – Carl & Linda Wood
Email – [email protected]

Teen Program

The purpose of the Teen Program is to see our teenagers become better campers, better citizens and have more fun in FCRV through a variety of activities.

National Teen Directors – Ed & Jane Alft
Email – [email protected]


The Travalong Program is designed to provide group-planned activities in a selected city or area, primarily around Campvention.

National Travalong Directors – Jim & Barb Turner
Email – [email protected]

Wildlife Refuge

The FCRV Wildlife Refuge Program was originated to help with the conservation of wildlife. It is the responsibility of all FCRV members to practice the conservation of our natural resources. Without our soils, minerals, waters, forests, and wildlife, there would be no place to camp and no place to enjoy nature.

The program awards grants to many wildlife conservation projects in the U.S. and Canada.

Wildlife Refuge Directors – Al & Joanie Stone
Email – [email protected]

Youth Program

The children we camp with today are the campers and RV owners of tomorrow. FCRV youth programs try to involve the children in various aspects of the organization by: providing safe, fun activities, games and crafts; teaching good camping habits and safety; and encouraging participation in conservation, wildlife and anti-littering programs.

Youth Directors