Historian Program

The Family Campers & RVers (FCRV) Historian Program encourages all chapters to keep and maintain a history of all their chapter’s activities, through photos, newspaper articles, and other forms of media, in the form of a Scrapbook for each year’s activities.

Scrapbooks (Adult Chapters and Teen Chapters) are entered in their respective spring state/provincial campout scrapbook contests, and the winner from each state/province qualifies for the National contest for judging each year.  Besides the contests, we hold a Historian Workshop at Campvention for those wanting to know more information on making a scrapbook for their chapter.

We believe that all chapters should be recognized and awarded for their outstanding adult and teen chapter scrapbooks, and for their contribution, participation and dedication to FCRV, for other members and future members to enjoy.  A scrapbook display at a Chapter meeting, or campout, generates great interest and memories of a time past.  Displaying a Chapter Scrapbook at an RV Show FCRV Booth is an interesting way to draw people into the booth.

A Chapter’s Scrapbook is a great tool for drawing in prospective members by showing them the fun activities, friendship and fellowship that a Chapter engages in, which generates more interest to join.

On the National level, we maintain commercial scrapbooks of annual Campvention’s activities, statistics regarding the organization, all media forms (i.e. photos, slides, film, video, DVDs), and promote the Historian program on the national, state/provincial and local level.  We also help State/Provincial Historians promote and motivate Chapters to preserve their history in Scrapbooks.