The purpose of the Disaster and Safety Awareness Training Program (DASAT) is to provide FCRV members with knowledge and training to cope with a variety of disasters on widespread or personal levels. Although all answers cannot be provided, this training will offer approaches to preparation, prevention and response to such events.

Information can be presented in a variety of ways, through formal presentations at campouts, articles published in state/provincial and national newsletters, and, when necessary, through mass emails, websites, or social media.

In all areas, it is essential that information provided be accurate, proven and accepted by persons of expertise in the field. In days of free and sometimes questionable information disseminated on the internet and elsewhere, caution must be taken to avoid spreading “fad” ideas that may be ineffective or even harmful.

Disaster and Safety Awareness Categories

Four major categories are presented. The subcategories are representative but non-inclusive, allowing flexibility and responsiveness to the interests and needs of the members.


  • Emergency Preparedness – RV & Home
  • Insurance – RV, Home, Life, Disability, etc.
  • Weather Safety
  • Disaster Awareness & Resources (type of Disasters, resources available for more information and help such as Red Cross, FEMA, etc.)
  • Self Sufficiency (this could just go under Emergency Preparedness)
  • Preparing for the Death, Illness or Injury of a Family Member (Wills, Living Wills, Insurance, Estate Planning, Funeral Planning, Financial liability, etc.) – this could be one topic or split up into various presentations for each sub topic


  • Fire Safety (RV & Home)
  • Pet Safety (Travelling & Home)
  • Home Hazards (Electrical Safety, Ladder Safety, Poison Control, Carbon Monoxide, etc.)
  • Security – RV & Home
  • Travel Safety (could include information on Pet Safety, Children safety, home security)
  • Camping Safety (yearly RV inspection, campfire safety, etc.)


  • Emergency Communication Tools
  • Search and Rescue
  • Survival


  • First Aid & CPR
  • Safe Cooking
  • Preventing the spread of disease (colds, flu, etc)
  • Drugs & Poison Control
  • Healthy Lifestyles (preventing heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stress, depression, etc.)