Retiree Program

For more information, contact: National Retiree Director, Dick Likins, at

The Retiree program is for all FCRV members who have ever retired from any job. Only one of the couple needs to have been retired from something. Being retired, many of our members travel someshere in the south during the winter. We have our big International Retiree Rally somewhere in a warm area. In 2013, the Rally was in Rayne, Louisiana. Our 2014 Rally will be in Canton, Texas, and in 2015, the Rally will be in Tallahassee, Florida.

We invite non-FCRV members to camp with us at one of our Rallies, hoping they’ll have such a fun time, they will want to become members. At our Rally, we get involved with games like Bean Bag Baseball, Washer Toss, Potty Races, and lots of other fun things. There is entertainment provided every evening, two catered dinners and an ice cream social. One of the highlights of the Rally is the International King and Queen contest, where each year a new King and Queen are selected by the Rally attendees.

The last night of the Rally we have a rousing International Parade, a fun event where each state can show their enthusiasm. It is an event that you won’t want to miss!