To interest and involve members in building the membership through encouraging them to recruit new members.  It will also improve retention by getting members involved and enthusiastic about the organization.


To recognize and reward members who get actively involved in building membership by recruiting new members.

Ambassador Club Levels

Family Campers & RVers members can attain the following four levels by signing up new members.  New Membership counts are accumulative, starting with the official start date of December 1, 1994.

  • Sapphire Ambassador – recruit at least 5 new members.  You will receive your first pin with a sapphire colored stone and one free year membership.
  • Ruby Ambassador – counting the first 5 you recruited, bring in 5 additional new members for a total of 10.  You will receive a second pin with a sapphire and ruby colored stone and two free years of membership.
  • Emerald Ambassador – counting the first 10 you recruited, bring in 10 additional new members for a total of 20.  You will receive a third pin with a sapphire, ruby and emerald colored stone and three free years of membership.
  • Diamond Ambassador – counting the first 20 you recruited, bring in 30 additonal new members for a total of 50.  You will receive a fourth pin with a sapphire, ruby, emerald and diamond colored stone plus a lifetime membership in Family Campers & RVers.

Counting New Members

  • Both the head of the household and the significant other will receive credit for the new members they sign up and both will become Ambassador Club Members and they will progress up the levels together.
  • Where personal follow-up, visits, joint camping or other one-on-one contact is carried out after a show but before a new application is signed – this new member shall count towards Ambassador Club requirements.  A New Member may also be a former NCHA/FCRV member who has not been a member of the organization for the past 12 months.
  • To obtain credit for membership in the Ambassador Club, the applicant shall complete the Ambassador Club application for each level.  They should list new members they have recruited and send the completed form to the National Office.
  • The Office Manager shall verify the names on the Award application and send the application to the National Membership Director.
  • The National Membership Director shall review all applications and advise the Trustees of qualified applicants.  Once and applicant has attained the Sapphire level, a file will be kept open by the National Membership Director.