Wildlife Refuge Program

The Family Campers & RVers wildlife refuge program was originated to help with the conservation of wildlife. It is the responsibility of all Family Campers & RV members to practice the conservation of our natural resources. Without our soils, minerals, waters, forests and wildlife, there would be no place to camp and no place to enjoy nature. There would be no Family Campers & RVers and there would be no man.

Acres for Wildlife

Acres for wildlife is the voluntary commitment, by a person or an organization, to set aside a designated plot of land for the management of wildlife by Family Campers. These plots may include one or more acres and may be enrolled in the program for one or more years. The land owners will retain the ownership of the property, and are under no obligation other than setting aside the plot of land for a refuge for a specific period of time. The owner must fill out an enrollment form in which Family Campers agrees to release the land at the end of the enrollment period. The basic rules in selecting and operating a wildlife refuge are three fold: shelter, food and a place to nest and reproduce in. With just a little research and study, any Family Campers group may qualify a plot of land for a wildlife refuge.

Help may be secured from professional game managers anywhere, as all federal, state and provincial governments have trained people in the characteristics and in the environmental problems peculiar to their local areas. In most cases conservation departments will furnish trees, shrubs and other plantings for these refuge and they may be purchased at a very small fee. Signs identifying these refuges are furnished by the Family Campers wildlife refuge program. The enrollment forms and further information may be obtained from state, provincial, regional or national wildlife refuge directors. These refuges make an excellent conservation project for any Family Campers chapter or group. Nature has provided most of the materials and with the addition of some physical effort, a wildlife refuge is really not too hard to create. As with all conservation projects, the general idea is to help our old mother nature distribute the things she has made available and to create a more efficient arrangement of these materials in a specific plot of ground to become a better shelter, place to nest and reproduce in and a place where wildlife can find food, especially in the winter months.

Wildlife Conservation

Merchandise coupons are awarded, to members and others, for their involvement in the different phases of wildlife conservation. These include general involvement in the program, such as refuge plot land owners; participation in the education of one’s self and others in wildlife conservation; the conservation of endangered species;  the promotion of legislation concerning wildlife conservation; and  for membership involvement in wildlife conservation on public lands. Check the program’s guidelines for complete requirements. The merchandise coupons are available through the national wildlife refuge director. Join in the effort to conserve one of our greatest natural resources. Many species of wildlife are near extinction due to the expansion of civilization. By the creation of wildlife refuges, such as those operated by Family Campers, wildlife will be there for our future generations.