50th Retiree Rally

March 29 – April 4, 2022. (Early Bird March 25-28th)

Mineola Civic Center 1150 N Newsom St, Mineola, TX 75773


by Ronald & Reba Ray

After careful consideration about the 2021 International Retiree Rally we have made a decision to postpone the Retiree Rally until 2022. Even though many of us have gotten vaccine shots, we feel it might still be too early to be safe. Mineola Civic Center is a more compact facility than we are used to, so we don’t feel we can social distance in the building, even though we would be wearing masks. We just want everyone to feel safe about coming and we want everyone to stay healthy.

Also, our numbers are not up to where they need to be to make this rally feasible.

For those who have made their reservations and have paid their money, then you will be reimbursed a full refund of the amount that you paid.

On March 23, 2021, we would like to host a zoom meeting for anyone who would to attend an Ice Cream Social. It will be BYOIC (bring your own ice cream). So get a cone, bowl, or glass, fill it with ice cream and come join us. For those who don’t know much about getting on a zoom meeting, it is easy. You can call in with your phone, or you can go on the internet on computer, type in join a zoom meeting, and put in the ID number and then password and you are there. If you don’t have a computer, ask your family for help.

Along about March 15 we will send out letters from National with your ID number and password.

If you do not get this letter by the time of the ice cream social then contact Reba Ray and I will give you the information. You can contact me at reba256@yahoo.com or 706-302-6735.

We hope everyone will join us for this Ice Cream Social. The Ice Cream Social will last about an hour.

If you have never attended a Retiree Rally or not retired as of yet and would like to join, then please do so. We want as many people to attend as possible, so everyone is welcomed. This is our way of staying in touch with everyone and seeing everyone we haven’t seen in a couple of years.

If you are new to the retiree rally and would like to ask questions then, after the Ice Cream Social please stay on the zoom meeting and we can take questions and if we don’t know the answer then we will find someone who does.

We have rescheduled the Retiree Rally for 2022 at Mineola, Texas. The dates for this rally will be March 29 – April 4, 2022. Early days will start on March 25. “Fishin for Fifty “

Let’s hope these Vaccines will help and we can get back to our normal routines. We miss seeing everyone and all the hugs we get along the way.

Stay Safe and Keep Healthy
Ronald & Reba Ray
FCRV National Retiree Directors