The “Rocky Mountain Bliss” team is hard at work planning a great Campvention week from July 10th through July 15th, 2022 with departure on Saturday, July 16th. The 62nd annual Campvention will be held at the Colorado State Fairgrounds in Pueblo,

Come early and enjoy all the nearby sites in Pueblo, Colorado and the surrounding area. We are looking forward to having everyone join us at the 62nd annual Campvention in 2022




July 10-15, 2022
Early Bird July 8th-9th


Pueblo Colorado


Early Bird fee is $35.00 per Night Payable at the gate by cash or check.
Campvention Pre-Registration is $335.00 for one family in unit.

Event Organizer Contact:

Jeff and Shirley Kendle


PDF Form
Online: Not available at this time. 


Colorado State Fairgrounds

1001 Beulah Ave.
Pueblo CO 81004

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(719) 561-8484

Campvention 2022 [September Update]

Campvention 2022 Introduction
by Jeff & Shirley Kendle, Campvention 2022 Chair


FAMILY CAMPERS & RV’ers – Hosted by Far West Region 1


Colorado State Fairgrounds

1001 Beulah Ave., Pueblo, CO 81004

Campvention Days:  July 10 – 15, 2022

EARLY BIRD DAYS: July 8 & 9, 2022 




“Rocky Mountain Bliss” is the theme for the 2022 FCRV Campvention. The Rocky Mountain Bliss team is hard at work planning many exciting and fun activities for a great Campvention week from July 10 – July 15, 2022, with departure on Saturday, July 16th. Future issues of CAMPING TODAY will give details on entertainment, activities, seminars, games, and site-seeing opportunities. 

Check out our Facebook group – “FCRV Region 1 Campvention 2022”.  This is another platform to communicate with FCRV members regarding upcoming events and activities that will take place at Campvention. 

You can find the 2022 Campvention Registration Form in Camping Today, on the FCRV website at Campvention 2022 – Family Campers and RVers (, and on the Facebook Group. 

We can always use your help. So, if you are interested, contact Shirley or Jeff Kendle at

We look forward to seeing you at the Colorado State Fairgrounds in Pueblo, Colorado for the 2022 Campvention. 

Rocky Mountain Summer Camp Hello Message
by Camp Counselors, Breanna and Dez

Hiya Campers!
Here at the Rocky Mountain Summer Camp, we are so excited to see you next summer in
Pueblo, Colorado, at the 2022 Campvention hosted by Region 1!
We have many fun crafts, games, and activities planned for all those 12 years and under;
So, don’t forget to register for the 2022 Campvention!
Also, be on the lookout for further announcements regarding the Rocky Mountain
Summer Camp that can be found in Camping Today, on the FCRV Region 1 Campvention 2022
Facebook group, and by email.
We are looking forward to seeing you all in 2022, and if you have any questions about the
Rocky Mountain Summer Camp program, please email
See you soon, Your Camp Counselors, Breanna and Dez

Colorado State Fairgrounds, Pueblo Colorado
By Jeff & Shirley Kendle, Campvention Chair


The location of the 2022 Campvention will be the Colorado State Fairgrounds in Pueblo, Colorado. Many of you may have attended the 2007 Campvention; however, since then there have been numerous improvements to the grounds, buildings, and parking areas. The fairgrounds reside on eighty acres of land that contains paved streets, an outdoor amphitheater, outdoor stages, and impressive landscaping. Trees line the streets, and there are shaded grass areas to sit and relax. We will have picnic tables placed in a few areas so you can sit outside and enjoy your lunch, socialize, and take in the warm summer air. 

For the 2022 Campvention, FCRV will have exclusive use of all facilities, parking areas, and grounds. All buildings have either air condition or swamp coolers to keep us cool during the summer heat. There is even a restaurant on site that we will be negotiating with to have open where you will be able to sit, relax, and have a cool drink. 

There are three parking areas at the Fairgrounds, the Carnival Lot, the Event Center Lot, and Fountain Park. There is a combination of full-hook-up sites and water and electric sites. The majority of the sites have 50 amp; however, some sites have 35 amp. All parking will be strictly HOBO style, and sites will be assigned as you arrive at the gate, so if you want to camp next to someone you must arrive with them. 

See you in Pueblo!!

Pueblo, Colorado
by Barb Turner, Campvention Publicity Chair

Pueblo, Colorado is the site of the FCRV 2022 Campvention where attendees will celebrate ‘Rocky Mountain Bliss’ July 10-15, 2022.  Pueblo is located at the confluence of the Arkansas River and Fountain Creek about 112 miles south of Denver, the Colorado state capital.  The climate is considered semi-arid desert land which experiences about 12 inches of precipitation each year.  It’s located in the ‘Banana Belt’ of Colorado which means that Pueblo gets less snow that the major cities of Colorado.  Snow won’t be an issue in July!!

Historically, James Beckwourth, George Simpson, and other trappers are said to have helped construct the plaza that became known as El Pueblo and Fort Pueblo around 1842.  Trading between the trappers and Native Americans in the area uninterrupted till late 1854 when a war party of Utes and Jicarilla Apaches under the Ute chief Tierra Blanca “allegedly killed between fifteen and nineteen men and captured two children and one woman in what became known as the Fort Pueblo Massacre”.  The trading post was then abandoned till it gained importance again between 1858 and 1859 during the Colorado Gold Rush of 1859.

“By the early 1870s the city was being hailed as a beacon of development, with newspapers like the Chicago Tribune boasting of how the region’s lawless reputation was giving way to orderly agriculture with triumphalist rhetoric. One author crowed of Pueblo that ‘the necessity exists no longer for Sharp’s rifles and revolvers. These have been supplied by the plow and the mowing-machine.’

“Pueblo’s development stretched beyond agriculture. Steel emerged as a key industry very early, and in 1909 the city was considered the only steel town west of the Mississippi River.”  With the growth of the Colorado Fuel & Iron (CF&I) Steel Mill and influx of immigrants to work in the mill, Pueblo became the ‘Melting Pot of the West’ with at one point more than 40 languages were spoken in the steel mill and more than 2 dozen foreign language newspapers were published in Pueblo.

“Until a series of major floods culminated in the Great Flood of 1921, Pueblo was considered the ‘Saddle-Making capital of the World’. Roughly one-third of Pueblo’s downtown businesses were lost in this flood, along with a substantial number of buildings. Pueblo struggled with this significant loss, but has had resurgence in growth.” (,_Colorado

‘The current city of Pueblo represents the consolidation of four towns: Pueblo (incorporated 1870), South Pueblo (incorporated 1873), Central Pueblo (incorporated 1882), and Bessemer (incorporated 1886). Pueblo, South Pueblo, and Central Pueblo legally consolidated as the City of Pueblo between March 9 and April 6, 1886. Bessemer joined Pueblo in 1894.

The City of Pueblo is also known as the ‘Home of Heroes’. This moniker was in a speech in 1993 by then Colorado Representative Scott McInnis as he spoke to Congress about the uniqueness of a city Pueblo’s size having a record four recipients of the Medal of Honor claiming Pueblo as their hometown: William J. Crawford, Army WWII; Carl L. Sitter, Marines Korea; Raymond J, “Jerry” Murphy, Marines Korea; and Drew D. Dix, Army Vietnam. At the time, all four men were alive. The speech, which became part of the Congressional Record, caused the City to adopt the name ‘Home of Heroes’. It has increased in popularity over the years. In September of 2000, a memorial was created with four larger than life size bronze statues representing Pueblo’s four recipients and it included large granite plaques as backdrops at the Memorial with the names of all Medal of Honor recipients since Civil War times when the award was first conceived. This was unveiled in downtown Pueblo at the Pueblo Convention Center during the Congressional Medal of Honor Society’s national convention.

“The flags in the city’s official seal, which fly above the banner ‘under 5 flags’, represent the 5 countries and territories that held dominion over the Pueblo area during the last 2 centuries. Those countries are France, Mexico, Texas, Spain, and of course, the United States of America.  Included in the seal is a representation of old Fort Pueblo, the 1st permanent structure in the area. Pueblo was incorporated in 1870, at the confluence of the Arkansas River and Fountain River. The waters of these 2 rivers are represented by the waves beneath the fort.” (

Pueblo, Colorado, site of Campvention 2022, is an interesting city and area to explore.  Over the months leading up to Campvention, sites to see and things to do will be shared to prepare our FCRV family when we convene in July, 2022.

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