International Camping Club

‘Connecting Campers Since 1949’

  • Nonprofit, volunteer run.
  • 100’s of organized campouts held yearly.
  • Chapters spanning across the Continental USA and Canada.
  • Membership discounts for campgrounds, RV insurance, & camping/RV products.
  • Youth, teen, adult and retiree programs.
  • Wildlife and conservation programs.
  • Scholarship opportunities.
  • New members receive SIX MONTHS FREE when buying any tier membership.


Upcoming National Events 2024-2025

Campvention 2025 Logo

65th Annual Campvention 2025

2025 Retiree Rally

53rd FCRV International Retiree Rally 2025

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64th Annual Campvention 2024

Retiree Rally 2024

52nd FCRV International Retiree Rally 2024

FCRV Event Calendar 2023-2024

FCRV holds 100’s of inclusive events per year in the form of chapter, state/provincial, regional and national events.  From summer to winter we are out there doing what we love most, CAMPING!  Our camping events range in size from just a few families to hundreds of like minded campers getting together.


[Info on local chapter events can be found by contacting your state/regional directors or the National Office.]


December 2023 – February 2024

National Events


Regional Events


State/Prov Campouts

  • [CO] Jan 12th.  Retiree Luncheon. Masters Restaurant. Erie, CO
  • [CO] Feb 10th.  General Membership & Planning Meeting.  Christ Episcopal Church. Denver, CO


March 2024 – May 2024

National Events

Regional Events


State/Prov Campouts


June 2024 – August 2024

National Events

Regional Events

State/Prov Campouts


September 2024- November 2024

National Events


Regional Events


State/Prov Campouts


Camping Today [July]

Family Campers
Your July online ‘Camping Today ‘can be found here:

This is the month your ‘Camping Today’ Staff takes time off to travel to and from Campvention. So this month’s issue will be short.   We will have a pack-filled issue recapping the event in the following months.

Wildlife Refuge Inc. Annual Report 2023
By Deb Swanson, Past Comptroller

Beginning balance 7/1/22 – $78,146
End balance – $80,148

The 2023 Wildlife Grants are awarded to:

Sempervirens –
Sempervirens protects 56 square miles of Redwood Forest and created the first California State Park: Big Basin Redwoods. Their work affects wildlife from large mammals to endangered species such as red-legged frogs, coho salmon, and marbled murrelet. They received $1,000.00

Hobbitsee Wildlife Refuge –
Is a repeat recipient. They will use the funds to complete their new wildlife hospital. They will receive $500

Dakota Zoo –
Is a repeat recipient. Their funds will be used to purchase meds for the rare species of Penguins that are in their care. They will receive $500.

We did a Wildlife Photo Contest this year:

  • The 1st place winner was Bob Kalberer
  • 2nd place Pat Cohee
  • 3rd place Ron Cohee.

NCHA (FCRV) National Hank Nathan Scholarship Report 2023

Beginning balance 7/1/22 – $284,493
End Balance – 6/30/23 $245,687

The scholarship committee is proud to announce the 2023 scholarship winners as follows:

  • Susie Valderrabano $1,500
  • Cassandra Coniglio. $1,500
  • Grace Carey. $2,500

Congratulations to all of this year’s recipients.