Legislation Program

Family Campers and RVers (NCHA) Legislative Program goes back as far as 1960s.



  1. MONITORS Federal legislation:  keeping members informed through reports to Executive Board, and magazine
  2. SUPPORTS legislation which benefits RV industry with letters to government Ministers.
  3. OPPOSES legislation which has a negative effect on RV industry with letters, phone calls, petitions, etc. to government Ministers and Representatives.
  4. FOLLOWS UP on regulations, standards, or rules changes–notifying members through legislation reports.
  5. SUPPORTS CONSERVATION of natural resources, and environment–with letters, calls,  and letter writing campaigns

Legislation Program is a ‘REACTIVE’ Program.

Some areas of legislation are–RV unit types, sizes and standards; Environment, National Park Directors

  1. DO NOT plan program activities, but react to challenges presented.
  2. Are  NOT LAWYERS, do not represent members in court; do not write briefs or legal papers.
  3. DO WORK with members to forward problems to proper governing body, and authorities for solution.
  4. DO WORK WITH governments to improve RV experience for everyone (users , industry workers, and general public.)
  5. DO RESPOND to members requests for legislation help with issues

Members who encounter a problem which has to do with legislation should take it to their Director, who speaks on behalf of his/her office, thereby representing the organization. Sometimes information is already available, other times it must be researched before an answer is given.

First encounters with Legislative program for many is when City Council proposes Bylaw which prohibits or restricts RV parking in the community. This becomes personal and close to home. Ordinances require Legislation Directors to work with both parties, members (RVers) and Council to affect a solution.