Colorado KPC Kids Place Project

KPC are the intials of an infant who died from being violently shaken by his grandmother and because of this, KPC Kids Place was started. It is a respite care center for children under age six. It was started about three years ago in Colorado Springs. It began through a church which some Colorado members belonged to and they asked if Colorado FCRV would be interested in helping this care center get off the ground and get started, as it totally relies on donations and grant money. Nearly every chapter in Colorado donated monies to get the landscaping underway which had to be completed before they could have their grand opening or accept their first child. Colorado collected well over $1500.00 and bought trees, shrubbery, and landscaping materials and then a large group went there and the guys planted the trees and shrubbery and several of the ladies actually went into the center which was nearly completed and washed windows, and put up window coverings and did general housecleaning to get ready for the center to open. Many of our FCRV families donated money and bought engraved plaques for the display on the office wall. Van Briggle Pottery of Colorado Springs made the engraved plaques and donated them. Several of the Colorado chapters go shopping for children’s clothing on an ongoing basis to donate while others actually donate a lot of their time to help out in the center. Many chapters make quilts for the children, as well as get donations from large chain stores to supply the center with hygiene products.

Connecticut Make A Wish Project

In 2006 Connecticut Family Campers & RVers really outdid themselves at the Annual Fundraiser for the “Make A Wish Foundation” of Connecticut which through the efforts of the Sponsor, Hemlock Hill RV, and many individual camping clubs, raised a total of $27,000.

This was FCRV’s forth (4) Year participating in this worthwhile event. The first (1) Year We raised $500.00; the second (2) Year $1,700.00; the third (3) Year $5,000.00. and this Year We raised a spectacular total of $7,340.00 which alone was enough to sponsor a child. The name of the child that FCRV sponsored is “Madisen” She resides in Woodbridge Ct. and through the special efforts of our Camping Club, Madisen will get her Wish to spend a week in “Give Kids the World Village” in Disney World, Florida. Besides visiting her beloved Disney Characters, Madisen and her family will receive spending money, tickets to nearby theme parks, a rental car, and other gifts which will be included in this delightful experience.

To see the latest news article on their Make A Wish Project click here

Indiana Projects

Indiana has been collecting Tabs for the past few years and usually average about 300 lbs. or 300,000 tabs per year going to the Ronald McDonald House in Indianapolis.

In 2007 a new project “Help Stock Riley Children’s Hospital Toy Room” was initiated by Indiana and has continued to the present. They collected toys, etc. at each State Campout and delivered  items to the Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis in October. Riley Hospital is very pleased with the items and appreciates FCRVs generosity.

Iowa Projects

Several chapters make quilts for the Ronald McDonald House  (one club made 119 quilts for the Iowa City Ronald McDonald House).  They collect and donate laundry items, food items and paper goods to the Ronald McDonald House in Iowa City.  All of these items are donated by different clubs in Iowa both at the state camp outs and by clubs individually

Oklahoma Tab Collection

Oklahoma collects aluminum can pop tabs and then sends the money from them to a doctor in Oklahoma City. This helps a child receive a chemo or dialysis treatment.


The members of the Quebec chapters took on a project to help out the young street people of the Montreal area. This is an organization known as Dan La Rue which has been going on for some years and is run by Father John Emme. In the winter time he has a large motor home which he or some of his volunteers go around a certain area where many homeless young people hang around and hand out hot dogs and hot drinks each night . They also have a place where the kids can go and take showers and if available get clean clothes. They have volunteers which spend time helping them to take some schooling so they will be able to get into the work force.

The Quebec chapter members gathered together hygiene products (tooth paste , tooth brushes , soap , shampoo, shower gels(razors for the boys & shaving cream) etc. enough to fill 85 shoe bags made by a couple of lady members . They were also able to give a large box of larger size products to the organization which was greatly appreciated by the volunteers who run Dan La Rue . An appreciation certificate was received from Dan La Rue to the Quebec FCRV members. During the winter months it is expected that Father John or one of his volunteers will attend a chapter meeting to fill our members in on more of what the organization does for the young street people.

If your state/province does a Humanitarian Project, please send the information to [email protected]