We are all members of the same organization where many individuals or groups of individuals donate their time and energies to see this group survive. The only “reward” we can possibly offer to any member or group of members, who puts in extra effort on a continuing basis is the acknowledgement of their efforts through an awards system.

The individual (couple) awards include the PLAQUE AWARD, CITATION AWARD, AWARD OF MERIT, LIFESAVING AWARD AND HUMANITARIAN AWARD. The award for groups is the “CHAPTER OF THE YEAR” award. The “Hank Nathan Lifetime Achievement Award” is available to a person or couple who have provided a lifetime of “Extra Effort” in support of our organization.

Only one award per year can be given to any individual or group. Any member of the Field Directors, State/ Provincial Directors, Regional Directors, executive board members and trustees can submit a nomination for the various awards. If you are not in any of the groups listed above, please help them out by letting them know about someone you think is deserving so they can nominate that person. Every State/Provincial Director, Regional Directors and National Program Directors have the necessary nomination forms for any of the above awards, and a copy of the forms is located on the website. The National Web site also includes a list of previous award winners so you can check if the person/ couple has already won an individual award.

We want to advise that forms left over from previous years should not be used this year, as all of the award nominations forms must be sent to my address which is shown on the bottom of each form and is included at the end of this article. Nomination forms can be emailed to me (preferred method) and no signature is necessary as long as the form is from a recognized email address. The last date any nominations will be accepted is April 15, 2016. We hope you will strongly consider nominating some deserving members.

Hugh Hicks Vice President Operations
17 Halliday Drive Tavistock, Ontario, Canada, N0B 2R0