Humanitarian Activities

Throughout our organization, our members participate in many humanitarian activities. This allows us to serve our communities and help others that may be less fortunate than we are. Many of our local chapters, also adopt families at Christmas time or deliver food baskets to needy families.

Aluminum Tab Collection

FCRV members have been collecting aluminum can pop tabs at the National Campvention for many years.  There are awards given for the state/province/chapter contributing the most (pound wise) tabs.  The tabs are taken to a local recycling center where they are turned in for cash.  The cash is then donated to the local/area Ronald McDonald House to provide free nights’ stays for those families that can’t afford to pay.

Food Banks/Pantries

Wherever our National Campvention or Retiree Rally is held, a local Food Bank/Pantry benefits from the generosity of our members.  Food and money is collected throughout the time the event is held.  At the end of the event the food and money is taken to a local food bank/pantry for distribution to local needy families.

Lap Robes

Along with the food banks at our National Campvention or Retiree Rally our members have been making lap robes or buying them and donating them to a local nursing home, cancer center or other facility that can distribute them to their residents/clients. The largest amount donated was 225 robes in Rayne, LA.