History of FCRV Involvement:

  • Joined NCHA in August 1990, when we were living in Montreal Quebec.
  • Joined the South Shore Wanderers Chapter fall of 1990.
  • Hugh elected Presidents of South Shore Wanderers Chapter of NCHA. 1992- 1995
  • Camy elected as Secretary of South Shore Wanderers Chapter of NCHA 1993-1995
  • Chapter news letter editors from 1993- 1995
  • Selected as Field Directors for West Island of Montreal 1995-1997
  • Charter Founding members of the West Island Questers, a chapter we organized on the west island of Montreal.
  • We moved from Quebec to Ontario in July 1997 and resigned as Field Directors in Quebec.
  • Appointed as Field Directors for the Leisure Company Chapter in Ontario in September 1997- 1999
  • Appointed as Ontario Teen Directors 1998-2000
  • Appointed as District Directors in Ontario 1999- 2001
  • Appointed as Co-Chairmen to the VIP Section at Campvention 1999 in Kitchener, Ontario
  • Appointed National Teen Directors, 2000 to 2007 for Hugh and Camy continuing to July 2010
  • Appointed as Assistant Provincial Directors for Ontario in 2001
  • We received a National Plaque at Campvention in Berrien Springs in 2004
  • Appointed as Chairmen for Campvention 2006 in Blyth, Ontario
  • Hugh appointed as Ontario Provincial Director in 2007 to 2014, joined by Camy from 2010 to 2014
  • We directed the National Teen Queen Pageants from 2001 to 2010
  • Appointed as Chairman for Campvention 2012 in Blyth Ontario
  • Appointed as Regional Directors for Region 7, Eastern Canada 2014-2015
  • Appointed as acting Regional Directors for Region 8, 2014-2015

Winter Board Meetings
We attended every Winter Board Meeting from 2001 to 2013, missing the 2012 meeting due to the birth of our first Grand Child. We are enjoying our two grandsons , one who has already attended a couple of FCRV campouts as well as Campvention in 2012. We can’t wait till they both are old enough so that we will be able to bring them out to more of our campouts.

I would hope to be able to bring to the position of Vice President Operations a continuation of the steady approach that Shari Weber has provided for many years. She has set the bar very high and I hope to be able to bring the same stable leadership she has provided.

One item which has concerned me personally for the last few years has been our organization’s reluctance to increase membership dues to align ourselves with the cost of living. We have to review these membership dues on a regular basis, because like any company or organization we need to be able to pay our bills without relying on our reserves. I was very happy to see a major increase in this past year to a level where we should be self sustaining.

I also believe strongly with the need for an additional board meeting annually, where at the minimum we would have the Trustees , Regional Directors and the state/Provincial members in attendance. We need the opportunity to share ideas of what membership building methods have worked and which have not worked. The 5 day Campvention does not provide enough free time for non scheduled informal meetings of Regional Directors and their state provincial members to take place. I personally found that the afterhours social meetings at the Winter Board meetings was one of the best times to be able to discuss FCRV items with our fellow executive board members.

I also believe that the idea of scheduling the winter board meeting around the National Retiree Campout has not proved to be that successful in the last few years. It might be better to schedule this meeting in a more northern location in a period after the snowbirds have returned north. A location in Ohio or Indiana might be more of a central position for this meeting and if it’s late enough in the spring more of the members could take advantage of using their RV’s to attend the meeting.

We have a great organization and it’s our desire to do whatever is necessary to see it survive. Membership building and retention are the keys to the ongoing survival of any organization. Our retention unfortunately relates mostly to age and sickness of our members and this is an area we cannot change. We do however need to try other methods of attracting new members to our organization. The Cadet program has succeeded in recent years but we need to have other ongoing recruitment methods. I believe that the Internet is a very useful tool for membership building and we can connect with the large number of younger families that are searching for recreation possibilities. Campvention is still one of our best activities for new members and we all need to do what we can individually to convince new members of the fun and friendship that comes with attendance at campvention.