Leadership Resume

Chapter FCRV Involvement

  • Introduced to and joined FCRV/ NCHA in September 1989 (Miami, Fl.)
  • Member of Thunderbolts Camping Chapter
  • Held offices as Chapter President, Vice-President, Newsletter Editor
  • Elected Florida State Association President
  • Upon Retirement, moved to North Central Florida and joined Sunshine Chapter, Newsletter editor

National FCRV Involvement and Activities

  • Elected Vice-President/Programs under new Trustee structure July 2012
  • Member Campvention Band (5 years)
  • Appointed Retiree Rally Choir Director (5 years)
  • Assistant Variety Show Chairperson (4 years)
  • Variety Show Chairperson(1 year)
  • FCRV Campvention Band Director (filling in for Craig Weber-1 year)
  • Entertainment Chairperson for Retiree Rally (3 years)
  • Entertainment Chairperson for Future Retiree Rallies (2 years)
  • Attended 7 Campventions (and Registered for #8)
  • Attended all Budget Meetings (except 1) Participated in all Trustee Monthly Meetings via Go- to-Meeting (all Trustees use this method)

Professional/Personal Information

  • Band Director in Miami Dade County School 34
  • Conducted over 20 Honor Bands in U.S. including
    Alaska (twice)
  • Elected Teacher of the Year in two different
  • Administrator of Coldwell Banker Intercity
    Schools music program
  • Past Chairman of Florida Band Masters Association
  • Lake City Band current Executive Board
  • Married 43 Years to Debbie Walters
  • One son, Jason, a Computer Systems Engineer
  • One Granddaughter, Darby Jae Walters (age 3)
  • One Dog (Cody) and one Cat (Kitty Kat) who run the show! Both are Rescued Animals
    Enjoys camping #1, family gatherings, bowling, concerts, plays

Goals, Aims and Objectives for FCRV

As a Trustee of a volunteer organization, we should all keep in mind that your leadership does not dictate. Instead we encourage our members, provide information, and set the tone for the organization. We are stewards of the organization’s finances and structure. Leadership by example is how we operate. I intend to continue to do so, and redouble my efforts to accomplish the objective of making sure FCRV is a thriving, self-sustaining association. We all need to be reminded that our logo states: “Fun and Friendship”. My e-mail signature includes the phrase ‘do not mistake kindness and courtesy for weakness’. This is the tone that I wish to continue-strong, informed leadership with humor and kindness even when faced with disagreements. I feel we must take a hard look at convincing every member, including the Executive Board, that they are representatives of FCRV in both action and deed. Every member must realize that they are representatives of this fine organization. This may best be accomplished by reinstating the training at a Winter Board Meeting in a central location, realizing that we have Executive Board members from Canada to Florida, and Colorado to Virginia. The training, camaraderie, networking and consensus building achieved when leadership gets together is a proven, successfulmodel. Additionally, all of us, must promote what makes us unique through our Camping Today magazine articles and encourage and support the efforts of our marketing people to look for new ways of promoting our uniqueness to campers who are not already members. Being a non-profit, volunteer organization separates us from the other camping organizations which are operating to make a profit. We are an organization that encourages all types of camping. We are open to tenters, van campers, drop-ins, 5th Wheels and RV’s of all types. This ‘everyone’s welcome’ approach is unique in the camping industry. All members need to promote and encourage this welcoming attitude. Our programs also set us apart from other groups. These diverse programs support our country and the communities we visit. Wildlife, Conservation, Campers Actively Moving, College Scholarships and Disaster Awareness are among the programs that we all should be touting. We make charitable contributions, contribute to local food banks, make quilts and blankets and donate tabs from cans to Ronald McDonald House in the communities that we visit. We need to celebrate and promote this aspect of our organization. I am truly proud of all that FCRV does in this area. The attrition of our membership can be directly related to our membership base. Age and health related issues continue to impact us negatively as we seek to remain solvent and relevant. As any student of the industry surely knows, our organization is not the only camping group suffering a reduction in membership. Kampgrounds of America, Good Sam, Family Motorcoach, and of course Family Campers and RVers have all seen reductions in membership and the correlating attendance at rallies. Why is this happening when Recreational Vehicle Sales are increasing? Perhaps the answer can be found in a recent study that showed that there have been changes in the frequency and length of vacations. Americans are traveling shorter distances and on weekends with less planning. A University of Michigan study showed that baby-boomers ages 55 to 64 are among the highest demographic (age related) of RV purchasers. But while encouraging younger persons to join us, and we must, we also cannot forget our core membership group. There is wisdom that comes from experience, as long as we don’t fall into the ‘but we’ve never done it that way before’ syndrome. It’s my intention to continue to support our efforts to encourage younger campers to join us while still accommodating the needs of our existing core group. If camping continues to be a leisure time activity that appeals to all ages and is worthy of people spending their disposable time and income on, then we must find a way to spread this word, and I intend to continue to do so. I have enjoyed my four years as a Trustee and look forward to two more. I have certainly learned a great deal about this organization, it’s people, our positives as well as our negatives. I am grateful to the Trustees who have helped me In my first years. There is no magic answer to solving our attrition problems. However, you can be assured that I will do all I can to be a responsible steward of your organization, and work to implement a positive tone, along with your suggestions and guidance over the next two years.