Be Aware of Copyright Infringement & Laws

The State/Provincial newsletters were taken off the national website about a month ago.  We were contacted for copyright infringement for one of our state’s newsletters.  As an organization we must be careful when using images that belong to someone else.  If you didn’t create it, then it belongs to someone else regardless of whether there is a copyright designation.  We must have permission to use any creative material and it must be acknowledged.  There are lots of sites on the internet with images available to be used.  The copyright laws are clear that if you use someone else’s material you must have permission to use it.  That permission is gained in writing and sometimes comes with a fee.  Not everything shown on the internet is available for free use in print.   I appreciate your patience and understanding during the time we have the newsletters off the website.  We are working to make sure newsletter editors understand copyright and how to remain in compliance.