Where Strangers Become Friends & Friends Become Family

Known as the “Friendliest People in the World”, Family Campers is an organization dedicated to camping fellowships, the preservation of our international heritage, and the strengthening of family bonds through shared activities in the out-of-doors! We are a member owned organization with activities and programs for youth, teens, adults and retirees.

Family Campers has programs in many areas including conservation, wildlife, active lifestyle, and disaster & safety awareness. There are annual Campventions, regional campouts, state/ provincial campouts and many other local Family Campers campouts.

If you like RVing or camping, fun and fellowship, you will love Family Campers & RVers. Come and join us! If you have any type or brand of RV or tent, you are WELCOME in Family Campers!

Why Join Family Campers and RVers?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would I enjoy the opportunity to participate in Campventions/ rallies at the State/Provincial, Regional and National level?
  • Would I enjoy participating in activities which increase my knowledge of camping, provide for increased fellowship and increase my opportunities to make lasting friendships and enjoy pure FUN?
  • Would I be interested in an organization which stresses Conservation and Wild Life Refuges?
  • Would I want to be part of a group which stresses scholarship assistance grants and training members to care for themselves and their families in disaster situations?
  • Would I enjoy participating in organized Travalongs, canoe/raft trips, bicycle rides, or any variety of hiking trips?
  • Would I be interested in saving money through the use of discounts to purchase RV supplies or discounts at campgrounds?
  • If I have children, would I enjoy going to a campout where there are planned activities for youth and teens?
  • If I were retired, would I like to join other retirees in specific activities including Regional and National retiree rallies?
  • Would I enjoy trading ideas and knowledge of camping equipment and locations? Would I appreciate the increased security of traveling and camping with others?
  • Would I like to be able to share in the relaxation, enjoyment and friendship of a close knit family?

If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes”, then you will have answered your own question, “Why should I join Family Campers & RVers?”