Cadet Membership Offers Free 6-Month Trial

If you or someone you know is not sure if a camping club is right for them, Family Campers offers the chance to try it for free.

Cadet Members receive all the benefits of a paid member, except they don’t have the right to vote in elections.

Cadets will be assigned a current member to help them get to the know the organization, someone they can turn to for questions and who will ensure they receive the opportunity to attend local, state, regional or national events.  If you are recruiting a Cadet Member, you will be their mentor.  If you are a Cadet member who has not yet met a current member, we will get you someone to help!

Current FCRV members can request Cadet forms through the national office, your state, or regional director.  Complete the information for both the Cadet and you.  Send the form into the National Office.  The Cadet’s materials will be mailed to your home so that you can present it to the Cadet.
Cadet Membership Procedures & Application – here are the procedures and application for the Cadet Membership program.

If you haven’t yet met anyone who is a member, email the National Office at today to receive the materials and learn more!