Here you will find the information to print out the friendship cards provided and/or make your own using a free software from Avery. Directions are provided here for completing all of these options

These are samples of the front and back of the card.


Front of Card


Back of Card

Card Front – Get the front of the “Friendship Card” here and print on Avery 5871 Business Cards

Card Back – Get the back of the “Friendship Card” here. Reinsert the cards with the front of the card up and print the back of the card.

You can then add your name and email address or phone number on the back of the card.

To get the free software from Avery to create your own business cards click the link below and choose to save the “Avery DesignPro for PC”

Avery DesignPro for PC

When you have the software downloaded and installed on your computer Click here to get the directions on how to create your own friendship card.

After you have created the front of your card, you may use the “card back” above for the back of your card. You will need to print the front of your card and then reinsert the cards (face up) and print the back of the card.