Dear Regional and State Directors

FCRV as an organization is moving forward with a program who’s end goal is to better connect the national office with chapters and members.  We want to be able to have a better grasp on what we are doing as an organization from the ground up in hopes to better be able to advertise FCRV to potential and even current members.

Part of this program will be the push to collect email contact information for each chapter.  We want to be able to have direct contact with our chapters to gain information about their planned outings to better advertise them whether it might be through Camping Today, local directed News Blasts/Letters and even on a world stage via our website and social medias.  Right now we only advertise our Campvention and Retiree Rally outings and we want to show the world we have much more to offer then just that.

We have already started the process of collecting this data and need your help to fill in the gaps.  A current private database can be viewed here to help you easier collect the data needed:–s8JiWZSBP5y91N9QAezb9ravJy5b5M493uSv8fw/edit#gid=0

Please feel free to keep your own spreadsheet with this information to send us and if that is not something you can do we have set up an online form at the bottom of this page that can be filled out that is sent directly to the office.

Please make sure to use proper capitalization and punctuation as anything you send us will be imputed just as its presented to us.  And remember the most important information you can give us is that email contact.

Carl W. Fromholzer
Web Developer

Chapter Information