Our vendors are in new territory with us and we thank them for their support as we navigate this new experience. We hope that you will participate in and watch vendor video presentations and consider giving them your business if you find their products beneficial. Below is a list of our Campvention 2020 Vendors and contact information.

Primary for voice or text contact: Carolyn Kees. Phone 361-571-2739.
Email carolyn.kees@skymed.com
SkyMed Price Sheet(discount priSkces good through August 14)

Primary Contact: Brian Phone: 519-590-6305

Email: brian@getnano.ca


Zoom Cleaner in Action video (5 minutes)



Spend More Time Enjoying Camping! ZOOM Takes the hard work out of cleaning!

Awnings, Bugs, Black Streaks, Road Grime, Brake dust, Dirt/Mud, Mildew/Algae, Tree Sap, Bird Crap and much more!

Also quickly cleans your tow vehicle & car, toys such as ATV’s, motorcycles, Boats and more. House siding, soffits/eavestroughs, patio furniture and more.

Safe on all outdoor surfaces.

Safe on your lawn and flowerbeds etc

ZOOM really does make cleaning easier


Is ZOOM safe?
When used as directed, ZOOM is safe on decals, clear coats, rubber roofs, fiberglass, ceramic coatings, and all typical RV and other outdoor surfaces.|

What Ratio do I mix the concentrate at?
For most applications, most of the time, a mix of somewhere between 10:1 and 30:1 (Water:Zoom) is sufficient. The pre-mixed spray bottles are pre-mixed at 10:1, as it’s a fairly strong mix.

What’s the best way to apply ZOOM?
We recommend a pump-up garden weed sprayer as that’s a very efficient way to apply it. Also, the wand makes it easy to reach places.

Can I use ZOOM in a Foam Cannon, or a power washer detergent tank?
Absolutely. ZOOM also works well in those systems.

Is ZOOM safe for people or pets?
ZOOM is non-toxic and non-corrosive to humans. It is classed as an irritant, which means it will sting if you get it in your eyes or an open cut. Like any cleaning product, or other chemical product, we recommend keeping animals away from it.