61st International Campvention

July 11-16, 2021
Walworth County Fairgrounds 411 E. Court St. Elkhorn, WI 53121
Gates will be open from 8am- 8pm, Fri-Sun.

he Wander Wisconsin team is hard at work planning a great Campvention week from July 11 – 16, 2021 with departure on Saturday, July 17. The 61st annual Campvention is at the Walworth County Fairgrounds in Elkhorn WI. Team members are putting articles about their area in Camping Today to help you plan your Campvention week. Watch Camping Today each month for an update on events at Campvention. The fee for Campvention is set at $335 for the week (6 nights of camping plus all the events planned for Campvention). If you register before December 31, 2020 you will receive a $30 discount and pay only $305. All contracts have a Covid-19 clause in them allowing for full refunds should we need to cancel due to the pandemic. Therefore, if Campvention is canceled due to Covid-19, you will receive a full refund of your registration fee. The Ribfest begins on Thursday at 3:00 PM and goes until Sunday. We are able to enjoy the first two days of Ribfest as part of Campvention fees. Ribfest includes 10 different ribbers and a wide variety of live music. We can extend our stay by notifying the fairgrounds and paying the fairground fees for the extra days. The amount for the extra days will be included next month.

Campvention 2021 and Covid 19

Friend, I am writing this article on behalf of the 2021 Campvention Planning Teams under the Leadership of Past President Shari Weber. For more than a year now your planning teams have been working hard putting the pieces together for Campvention 2021, Wander Wisconsin. We have been having regular meetings andin October of 2020 some committee members paid a site visit to Elkhorn. At our most recent team meeting (via Zoom) on November 7, the subject of our response to the pandemic was raised. The teams will meet again in January 2021 for further discussion but in the interim, here is the message we wish to convey to you.

1: While we all hope the pandemic will be defeated or under control by July 2021, nobody really knows. On November 9 th , an encouraging announcement by Pfizer about their vaccine with a 90% effectiveness provides us with some note of optimism.

2: Should it become apparent that it is not safe to proceed with Campvention 2021, a timely decision by the teams and Trustees will be made and communicated to our membership. Full registration refunds, excluding any credit card fees, will be given to members who have registered.

3: If Campvention 2021 does go ahead, all recommended, or dictated health protocols such as wearing masks, using hand sanitizers, cleaning down between events, possibly wearing gloves, and if need be, socially distancing will be followed. The Elkhorn Fair Grounds is just as concerned as we are about keeping our members safe and healthy. As we go forward and we gain better knowledge we will advise the steps that we will be taking.

4: Please register. If you have other than your immediate family planning to stay in your unit, please also provide their normal contact information.

5: Watch for further announcements in Camping Today as we go forward.

6: Be smart, stay safe, stay well.

Jack Smye

Change in golf cart policy

In the past the Campvention Team has sub-rented golf carts for use during Campvention. Starting with 2021 Campvention, FCRV will no longer be the middle person for golf cart rentals. Members wishing to rent a golf cart may contact the company and make their own arrangements. FCRV will identify the company along with contact information. The information will be placed in Camping Today beginning six months before Campvention. If you wish, you may have your golf cart delivered to the grounds the same time the carts that FCRV requests are to be delivered. Any issues you have with the cart, YOU will deal with the golf cart rental company yourself.

All golf carts whether rented or privately owned will follow the FCRV Campvention Guidelines for Golf Carts. Please take some time and review the guidelines listed in the Guidelines for Golf Carts at Campvention.

Another article in this issue of Camping Today contains information about how to rent a golf cart for Campvention and the guidelines for all golf carts on Campvention grounds. This will be repeated in Camping Today up until the deadline set by the golf cart company.


by Ray Suennen, Seminars Chair

If you or you know of someone who would like to be a seminar presenter during the 2021 FCRV Campvention in Elkhorn, Wisconsin from July 12 – 16, 2021, please contact Ray Suennen atraysuennen@yahoo.com or mobile phone 920-606-0289.Ray will be presenting one seminar on cast iron cooking and another on seasoning and salvaging cast iron cookware, and discussing vintage cast iron cookware.  Bring your cast iron pans for cleaning ideas and for show and tell.

Campvention 2021 Parking Info

The 2021 FCRV Campvention plans are under way. The campvention is being held in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. Watch for your registration in Camping Today. This year’s parking for the campvention will be hobo-by-state. If you would like to camp with your state/province, your registration must be post marked no later than June 1st. Canadian registration must be postmarked by May 15, 2021. Hope to see everyone in July.